Quintin Head 2002 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge — Sunday, 24th February 2002 at 11:00 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder


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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

11Bosporos BC 1Elite12:2911Bosporos BC1 of 1Overall
22Quintin BC 1S112:4222Quintin BC1 of 2S1
315Quintin BC 2VC12:58103Quintin BC1 of 3VC
44Weybridge RC 1S113:0124Weybridge RC2 of 2
512Kings College London BC 2S313:1345Kings College London BC1 of 5S3
66Kings College London BC 1S213:1436Kings College London BC1 of 1
717Tideway Scullers SchoolVE13:15127Tideway Scullers School1 of 2
8=7Imperial College Medics 1S313:2048=Imperial College Medics2= of 5
8=10Westminster School BCS313:2048=Westminster School BC2= of 5
109Shiplake College BC 1S313:24410Shiplake College BC4 of 5
1114Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 1N13:30611Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 4N
128Putney Town 1S313:33412Putney Town5 of 5
1322Tideway Scullers School 2W Elite13:441813Tideway Scullers School1 of 2Fastest women
1423Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 3W Elite13:541814Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 2
1524Tideway Scullers School 3WS214:202115Tideway Scullers School1 of 3WS2
1619Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 2VC14:221016Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 3
1725Vesta RC 1WS214:272117Vesta RC2 of 3
1816Quintin BC 3VC14:371018Quintin BC3 of 3
1911Imperial College Medics 2N14:49619Imperial College Medics2 of 4
2020Putney Town 2VE15:081220Putney Town 2 of 2
2127Vesta RC 2WS315:382221Vesta RC1 of 2
2213Imperial College Medics 3N15:39622Imperial College Medics 3 of 4
2326Weybridge RC 2WS215:452123Weybridge RC3 of 3
2421Quintin BC 5N15:53624Quintin BC4 of 4
2529Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 4WS316:052225Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 2
2632Vesta RC 4WN16:192426Vesta RC1 of 3WN
2730Vesta RC 3WN17:482427Vesta RC2 of 3
2831Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 5WN18:542428Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 3
3Curlew RC 1S1DNS2Z003Curlew RC 
5Curlew RC 2S2DNS3Z005Curlew RC 
18Quintin BC 4VCDNS10Z018Quintin BC 

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