Quintin Head 2006 Final Results

Hammersmith Bridge to University Post, Chiswick — Saturday, 28th January 2006 at 11:30 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder


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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

11Quintin BCS110:5321Quintin BC1 of 1Overall
24University of Bristol BCS210:5532University of Bristol BC1 of 3S2
32Auriol Kensington RCS210:5733Auriol Kensington RC2 of 3
47Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCS311:0744Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC1 of 5S3
53King's College London BCS211:1335King's College London BC3 of 3
65Auriol Kensington RCS311:4046Auriol Kensington RC2 of 5
713University College London BCS411:4657University College London BC1 of 3S4
89University of Bristol BCS311:4848University of Bristol BC3 of 5
98Putney Town RCS311:5149Putney Town RC4 of 5
10=10Sons of the ThamesVC11:541010=Sons of the Thames1 of 1
10=22Tideway Scullers School (Robinson)VE11:541210=Tideway Scullers School1 of 3VE
126King's College London BCS311:57412King's College London BC5 of 5
1317University of Bristol BCN12:01613University of Bristol BC1 of 2
1424Tideway Scullers School (Findlay)VE12:051214Tideway Scullers School2 of 3
1515Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCWS212:162115Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC1 of 2Fastest women
1611Auriol Kensington RCS412:20516Auriol Kensington RC2 of 3
1714Auriol Kensington RCWS212:232117Auriol Kensington RC2 of 2
1820Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCVE12:291218Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC3 of 3
1912Putney Town RCS412:53519Putney Town RC3 of 3
2016Tideway Scullers SchoolWVB12:582920Tideway Scullers School1 of 1
2119Bewl Bridge RCVD12:591121Bewl Bridge RC1 of 1
2218Vesta RCN13:02622Vesta RC2 of 2
2326Putney Town RCWS313:062223Putney Town RC1 of 2
2425London RCVF13:221324London RC1 of 1
2533St Paul's Girls School BCWS313:342225St Paul's Girls School BC2 of 2
26=29King's College London BCWS413:412326=King's College London BC1= of 4WS4
26=31Parr's Priory RCWS413:412326=Parr's Priory RC1= of 4WS4
2836Putney Town RCMxdS413:441428Putney Town RC1 of 1
2932Vesta RCWS414:072329Vesta RC3 of 4
3030Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BCWS414:182330Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC4 of 4
3135St Paul's Girls School BCWJ1614:472631St Paul's Girls School BC1 of 1
21Putney Town RCVEDNS12Z021Putney Town RC 
23Walbrook RCVEDNS12Z023Walbrook RC 
27Auriol Kensington RCWS4DNS23Z027Auriol Kensington RC 
28Gravesend RCWS4DNS23Z028Gravesend RC 
34Thames RCWNDNS9999Z034Thames RC 

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