Quintin Head 2007 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge — Saturday, 27th January 2007 at 11:30 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

13University of BristolS210:4431University of Bristol1 of 5Overall & S2
22Thames TradesmenS210:4632Thames Tradesmen2 of 5
34Mortlake Anglian & AlphaS211:0933Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 5
412Westminster SchoolJ1811:1074Westminster School1 of 3J18
59University of BristolS311:1845University of Bristol1 of 4S3
67Imperial CollegeS311:2346Imperial College2 of 4
7=1QuintinS211:2437=Quintin4 of 5
7=8City of OxfordS311:2447=City of Oxford3 of 4
920University College LondonS411:3259University College London1 of 8S4
10=19StourportS411:37510=Stourport2 of 8
10=30ThamesN11:37610=Thames1 of 10N
10=40Tideway ScullersVE11:371210=Tideway Scullers1 of 3VE
1316Emanuel SchoolS411:41513Emanuel School3 of 8
14=17Imperial CollegeS411:42514=Imperial College4= of 8
14=23St George's HospitalS411:42514=St George's Hospital4= of 8
165StourportS211:46316Stourport5 of 5
1724Westminster School (Critchley)J1611:47817Westminster School1 of 3J16
1818Putney Town (Birks)S411:49518Putney Town6 of 8
1910Imperial College School of MedicineS311:51419Imperial College School of Medicine4 of 4
20=11Dulwich College (Saunders)J1811:54720=Dulwich College2 of 3
20=14ThamesVC11:541020=Thames1 of 1
20=25King's College School, WimbledonJ1611:54820=King's College School, Wimbledon2 of 3
23=6Tideway Scullers*WE 8X12:001923=Tideway Scullers1 of 1
23=15ThamesWS112:002023=Thames1 of 1Fastest women
2533American School in LondonN12:05625American School in London2 of 10
2647Tideway ScullersVF12:071326Tideway Scullers1 of 2
27=13Dulwich College (Thompson)J1812:10727=Dulwich College3 of 3
27=41Mortlake Anglian & AlphaVE12:101227=Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 3
2921London School of EconomicsS412:12529London School of Economics7 of 8
3038Dulwich CollegeN12:17630Dulwich College3 of 10
3127ThamesWS212:192131Thames1 of 2
3244ThamesWS312:202232Thames1 of 3WS3
3339King's College School, WimbledonN12:21633King's College School, Wimbledon4 of 10
3428Imperial CollegeWS212:222134Imperial College2 of 2
3526Westminster School (Fielder)J1612:23835Westminster School3 of 3
3634VestaN12:29636Vesta5 of 10
3731University of Bristol (Gibson)N12:30637University of Bristol6 of 10
3851ThamesWVB12:312938Thames1 of 1
3937Thames/VestaN12:32639Thames/Vesta7 of 10
40=22Putney Town (Edwards)S412:36540=Putney Town8 of 8
40=45University of BristolWS312:362240=University of Bristol2 of 3
4229Putney TownVD12:391142Putney Town1 of 1
4332Imperial CollegeN12:43643Imperial College8 of 10
4452Thames/Sons/Burway/BBL/MAAWVC12:453044Thames/Sons/Burway/BBL/MAA1 of 1
4546LondonVF12:461345London2 of 2
4653Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWS412:502346Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 3WS4
4756Barnes Bridge LadiesWN12:582447Barnes Bridge Ladies1 of 4WN
48=36University of Bristol (Greenhill)N13:02648=University of Bristol9 of 10
48=54University of BristolWS413:022348=University of Bristol2 of 3
50=43Barnes Bridge LadiesWS313:072250=Barnes Bridge Ladies3 of 3
50=61Putney TownMxdVC13:071550=Putney Town1 of 1
5257Thames (Slagle)WN13:082452Thames2 of 4
5335Imperial College School of MedicineN13:12653Imperial College School of Medicine10 of 10
54=50Emanuel SchoolWJ1813:132554=Emanuel School1 of 3WJ18
54=55King's College LondonWS413:132354=King's College London3 of 3
5649American School in LondonWJ1813:182556American School in London2 of 3
5759Thames (Searle)WN13:452457Thames3 of 4
5848St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1813:532558St Paul's Girls School3 of 3
5942Putney TownVE14:031259Putney Town3 of 3
6060Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWVD14:103160Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 1
6158American School in LondonWN14:482461American School in London4 of 4

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

There were no time penalties.

*WE 8X were not eligible for the Fastest Women pennant as this was awarded for the fastest sweep-oared women's boat.

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