Quintin Head 2008 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge — Saturday, 26th January 2008 at 11:00 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

11University of BristolS110:13.621University of Bristol1 of 1Overall
22Imperial CollegeS210:23.632Imperial College1 of 7S2
313Imperial CollegeS310:26.743Imperial College1 of 9S3
421Westminster SchoolJ1810:27.774Westminster School1 of 3J18
53Thames TradesmenS210:28.035Thames Tradesmen2 of 7
65University of BristolS210:28.736University of Bristol3 of 7
78City of OxfordS210:30.437City of Oxford4 of 7
820Pangbourne CollegeJ1810:35.978Pangbourne College2 of 3
96MarlowS210:39.239Marlow5 of 7
107Quintin / Mortlake Anglian & AlphaS210:39.8310Quintin / Mortlake Anglian & Alpha6 of 7
1116MarlowS310:40.0411Marlow2 of 9
1214TwickenhamS310:42.2412Twickenham3 of 9
1322Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1810:43.8713Kingston Grammar School3 of 3
1417Putney TownS310:52.2414Putney Town4 of 9
1534King's College SchoolJ1610:59.9815King's College School1 of 2
1626QuintinVC11:01.41016Quintin1 of 4VC
1747Mortlake Anglian & AlphaN11:02.1617Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 6N
1846Imperial CollegeN11:02.6 P618Imperial College2 of 6
1943University of Bristol (du Plessis)N11:04.3619University of Bristol (du Plessis)3 of 6
2018King's College SchoolS311:04.4420King's College School5 of 9
219CygnetS211:04.7321Cygnet7 of 7
2240Tideway ScullersVD11:05.21122Tideway Scullers(time only)
23=12Sons of the Thames (Prince)S311:06.3423=Sons of the Thames (Prince)6= of 9
23=15University College LondonS311:06.3423=University College London6= of 9
2535Westminster SchoolJ1611:08.5825Westminster School2 of 2
2631Kingston Grammar SchoolS411:10.8526Kingston Grammar School1 of 6S4
2723ThamesVC11:11.01027Thames2 of 4
2845ThamesN11:13.9628Thames4 of 6
2932St George's HospitalS411:16.1529St George's Hospital2 of 6
3030Royal HollowayS411:17.9530Royal Holloway3 of 6
3110Mortlake Anglian & AlphaS311:20.9431Mortlake Anglian & Alpha8 of 9
3252Emanuel SchoolJ1511:22.3932Emanuel School1 of 5J15
3350Westminster SchoolJ1511:23.3933Westminster School2 of 5
3429Putney TownS411:24.7534Putney Town4 of 6
35=33Parr's PrioryS411:26.8535=Parr's Priory5 of 6
35=65Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1811:26.82535=Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 3Fastest women
& WJ18
3753Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1511:28.6937Kingston Grammar School3 of 5
3855Tideway ScullersVF11:31.01338Tideway Scullers1 of 2
39=42Mortlake Anglian & AlphaVE11:33.21239=Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 2
39=66Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1811:33.22539=Kingston Grammar School2 of 3
4139Imperial CollegeWS211:33.62141Imperial College1 of 2
4259Putney TownWS311:34.12242Putney Town1 of 7WS3
4319Sons of the Thames (Corbett)S311:36.0443Sons of the Thames9 of 9
4438Barnes Bridge LadiesWS211:38.82144Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 2
4525WalbrookVC11:41.41045Walbrook3 of 4
4637ThamesVD11:41.91146Thames1 of 2VD
4724CygnetVC11:43.21047Cygnet4 of 4
4848University of Bristol (Russell)N11:43.9648University of Bristol5 of 6
4961City of OxfordWS311:44.62249City of Oxford2 of 7
5051King's College School (Powis)J1511:45.7 P950King's College School4 of 5
5128TwickenhamS411:46.8551Twickenham6 of 6
5267BBL/Bedford/Sons/Thames/WycliffeWVC11:50.63052BBL/Bedford/Sons/Thames/Wycliffe1 of 1
5373Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWS411:51.72353Lady Eleanor Holles School(time only)
5454King's College School (Torrigiani)J1511:53.0954King's College School5 of 5
5536Putney TownVD11:55.01155Putney Town2 of 2
5658Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWS311:56.32256Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 7
5760Barnes Bridge LadiesWS311:58.22257Barnes Bridge Ladies4 of 7
5862Parr's PrioryWS312:01.72258Parr's Priory5 of 7
5963Sons of the ThamesWS312:01.92259Sons of the Thames6 of 7
6056LondonVF12:12.61360London2 of 2
6164Emanuel SchoolWJ1812:15.12561Emanuel School3 of 3
6277Thames (Harvey)WN12:17.62462Thames1 of 8WN
6371WalbrookWS412:18.82363Walbrook1 of 4WS4
6483Imperial CollegeWN12:20.02464Imperial College2 of 8
6576University of Bristol (Cotton)WN12:20.62465University of Bristol3 of 8
6675StainesWN12:23.82466Staines4 of 8
6782Thames (Peaty)WN12:30.72467Thames5 of 8
6869Putney TownWS412:32.12368Putney Town2 of 4
6941Putney TownVE12:33.11269Putney Town2 of 2
7044University College LondonN12:34.0670University College London6 of 6
7170City of OxfordWS412:34.82371City of Oxford3 of 4
7287Putney High SchoolWJ15 8x12:36.62772Putney High School1 of 2
7388Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1512:42.82873Kingston Grammar School1 of 2
7479Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWN12:49.02474Mortlake Anglian & Alpha6 of 8
7572Putney TownMxd N12:56.21675Putney Town1 of 1
7689Emanuel SchoolWJ1512:57.22876Emanuel School2 of 2
7778University College LondonWN13:03.02477University College London7 of 8
7857WalbrookWS313:09.52278Walbrook7 of 7
7968Royal HollowayWS413:14.42379Royal Holloway4 of 4
8080TwickenhamWN13:26.22480Twickenham8 of 8
8174St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1613:28.52681St Paul's Girls School1 of 1
8286Emanuel SchoolWJ15 8x13:51.32782Emanuel School2 of 2
4Upper ThamesS2DNS3Z004Upper Thames 
27Upper Thames / HenleyWS1DNS9999Z027Upper Thames / Henley 
49Royal HollowayNDNS6Z049Royal Holloway 
81Royal HollowayWNDNS24Z081Royal Holloway 
84University of Bristol (Coe)WNDNS24Z084University of Bristol 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

40: Inclusion of substitute reduces crew's age from VE to VD.

73: Inclusion of non-junior substitute cox changes crew's status from WJ16 to WS4, even though all rowers are WJ16.

Crews 46 and 51 were awarded penalties for infringing navigation rules.

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