Quintin Head 2009 Final Results

Hammersmith Bridge to University Post, Chiswick — Saturday, 24th January 2009 at 11:30 am

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder
Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

Photos of all pennant winners
courtesy of
Birdman Photography - Quintin Head

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

13Cambridge University (Stafford)Elite11:55.511Cambridge University1 of 3Overall & Elite
22Cambridge University (Ransley)Elite11:59.612Cambridge University2 of 3
310London (Maw)S212:15.533London1 of 10S2
41LondonElite12:20.314London3 of 3
56LondonS112:27.025London1 of 4S1
64University of BristolS112:30.926University of Bristol2 of 4
75University of LondonS112:32.027University of London3 of 4
88Vesta (Bond)S212:37.538Vesta2 of 10
97University of West of EnglandS112:37.829University of West of England4 of 4
1018St Paul's SchoolJ1812:47.7710St Paul's School1 of 2J18
1126University of BristolS312:51.4411University of Bristol1 of 6S3
1227University College LondonS312:53.1412University College London2 of 6
1312Quintin (Photo)S212:56.6313Quintin3 of 10
149MarlowS213:01.1314Marlow4 of 10
1514London (Vaizey)S213:02.1315London5 of 10
1616City of OxfordS213:04.9316City of Oxford6 of 10
1720King's College SchoolJ1813:07.4717King's College School2 of 2
1817Thames TradesmenS213:09.7318Thames Tradesmen7 of 10
1933Shiplake CollegeS413:20.3519Shiplake College1 of 5S4
2025Mortlake Anglian & AlphaS313:25.4420Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 6
2119TwickenhamS313:29.4421Twickenham(time only)
2229Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1613:31.6822Kingston Grammar School1 of 3J16
2323University of West of EnglandS313:31.9423University of West of England4 of 6
2415Vesta (McGovern)S213:32.9 P324Vesta8 of 10
2538Quintin (Photo)VD13:33.41125Quintin1 of 2
2628Westminster SchoolJ1613:38.0826Westminster School2 of 3
2736St George's Hospital (Cullinan)S413:45.8527St George's Hospital2 of 5
2811CygnetS213:47.1328Cygnet9 of 10
2921WalbrookS313:52.6429Walbrook5 of 6
3060Emanuel SchoolN13:56.5630Emanuel School1 of 11N
3124Sons of the ThamesS313:59.9431Sons of the Thames6 of 6
3234St Paul's SchoolS414:00.9532St Paul's School3 of 5
3330St Paul's SchoolJ1614:02.4833St Paul's School3 of 3
3452Tideway ScullersVE14:04.91234Tideway Scullers1 of 1
3556University of BristolN14:05.0635University of Bristol2 of 11
3657Imperial College (Hudson)N14:06.8636Imperial College3 of 11
3741Westminster SchoolJ1514:11.7937Westminster School1 of 4J15
3859University of LondonN14:12.5 P638University of London4 of 11
3913Sons of the ThamesS214:13.2339Sons of the Thames10 of 10
4055Vesta (Sheehan)N14:16.8640Vesta5 of 11
4146City of OxfordWS214:19.82141City of Oxford1 of 7Fastest women
& WS2
4251ThamesWS214:21.22142Thames2 of 7
4331ThamesVC14:22.61043Thames1 of 1
44=47Imperial CollegeWS214:24.92144=Imperial College3 of 7
44=64Tideway ScullersVF14:24.91344=Tideway Scullers1 of 1
46=44King's College School (Garner)J1514:31.2946=King's College School2 of 4
46=49Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWS214:31.22146=Mortlake Anglian & Alpha4 of 7
4853StainesN14:33.3648Staines6 of 11
4935Parr's PrioryS414:38.5549Parr's Priory4 of 5
5071Putney TownWS314:42.72250Putney Town1 of 11WS3
5184Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWS414:43.02351Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 6WS4
5245Sons of the ThamesWS214:44.32152Sons of the Thames5 of 7
5358ThamesN14:45.5653Thames7 of 11
5450Barnes Bridge LadiesWS214:46.22154Barnes Bridge Ladies6 of 7
5537ThamesVD14:47.01155Thames2 of 2
5648VestaWS214:49.32156Vesta7 of 7
5767City of Oxford (Gregory)WS314:50.72257City of Oxford2 of 11
5883University of BristolWS414:56.32358University of Bristol2 of 6
5940Emanuel School (Desira)J1515:05.9959Emanuel School3 of 4
6062Vesta (Rose)N15:14.0660Vesta8 of 11
6174ThamesWS315:20.62261Thames3 of 11
6254London School of EconomicsN15:26.3662London School of Economics9 of 11
6365VestaWS315:26.72263Vesta4 of 11
6481BBL/Burway/Sons/Thames/Twick/WycliffeWVD15:30.6 P3164BBL/Burway/Sons/Thames/Twick/Wycliffe1 of 2
6586WalbrookWS415:31.62365Walbrook3 of 6
6666Auriol KensingtonWS315:41.92266Auriol Kensington5 of 11
6743Emanuel School (Emmett)J1515:43.7967Emanuel School4 of 4
6885Imperial College School of MedicineWS415:44.22368Imperial College School of Medicine4 of 6
6996TwickenhamWS315:47.42269Twickenham(time only)
7063Sons of the ThamesN15:52.7670Sons of the Thames10 of 11
7169Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Pryce-Jones)WS316:07.12271Mortlake Anglian & Alpha6 of 11
7282Putney TownWS416:09.52372Putney Town5 of 6
7332St George's Hospital (Dawson)S416:10.1573St George's Hospital5 of 5
7478Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1816:12.02574Kingston Grammar School1 of 3WJ18
7568Parr's PrioryWS316:14.02275Parr's Priory7 of 11
76=61Imperial College (Merida)N16:15.3676=Imperial College11 of 11
76=76Barnes Bridge LadiesWS316:15.32276=Barnes Bridge Ladies8 of 11
7887VestaWS416:15.92378Vesta6 of 6
7970Sons of the ThamesWS316:16.42279Sons of the Thames9 of 11
8075City of Oxford (Rogers)WS316:17.52280City of Oxford10 of 11
8180Tideway ScullersWVD16:20.43181Tideway Scullers2 of 2
8298Kingston Grammar SchoolWN16:33.62482Kingston Grammar School1 of 9WN
8394Barnes Bridge LadiesWN16:51.12483Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 9
8479Emanuel SchoolWJ1816:52.22584Emanuel School2 of 3
8588American School in LondonWN16:56.12485American School in London3 of 9
8689University of Bristol (Keenan)WN16:57.42486University of Bristol4 of 9
8795Royal HollowayWN17:04.42487Royal Holloway5 of 9
8873Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Gapper)WS317:10.32288Mortlake Anglian & Alpha11 of 11
8991Imperial CollegeWN17:11.22489Imperial College6 of 9
9090MarlowWN17:15.72490Marlow7 of 9
9197Emanuel SchoolWN18:01.82491Emanuel School8 of 9
9277St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1818:10.32592St Paul's Girls School3 of 3
9399Emanuel SchoolWJ15 8x18:13.52793Emanuel School1 of 1
9492Sons of the ThamesWN18:35.52494Sons of the Thames9 of 9
19#Kingston Grammar SchoolJ18Scr.7Z019Kingston Grammar School # No. re-allocated
39King's College School (Osborne)J15Scr.9Z039King's College School 
42Kingston Grammar SchoolJ15Scr.9Z042Kingston Grammar School 
93University of Bristol (Reay)WNDisq.24Z093University of Bristol 
96#Imperial College School of MedicineWNScr.24Z096Imperial College School of Medicine # No. re-allocated

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

PLA requirements limit the race to 99 crews. When some crews withdrew after the draw had been published, the vacant places were offered on a time-only basis to crews that had entered but had originally failed to get a place.

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