Quintin Head 2010 Final Results

Hammersmith Bridge to University Post, Chiswick — Saturday, 30th January 2010 at 12:30 pm

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder
Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

Photos of all pennant winners
courtesy of
Birdman Photography - Quintin Head

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

12Cambridge University (Pelly)E11:27.111Cambridge University1 of 2Overall
21Cambridge University (Gill)E11:30.512Cambridge University2 of 2
331829S11:37.72318291 of 1
418University of BristolIM211:51.944University of Bristol1 of 9IM2
57Latymer Upper SchoolIM111:57.535Latymer Upper School(time only)
615University of London (Thompson)IM212:02.246University of London2 of 9
727NephthysIM312:06.357Nephthys1 of 13IM3
822University of London (Luttik)IM212:13.148University of London3 of 9
98St Paul's School (Hilton)J1812:16.379St Paul's School1 of 7J18
106VestaIM112:18.8310Vesta1 of 3IM1
1110King's College SchoolJ1812:20.4711King's College School2 of 7
124Mortlake Anglian & AlphaIM112:22.6312Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 3
1329University of BristolIM312:22.7513University of Bristol2 of 13
1437Hertford College OxfordIM312:22.9514Hertford College Oxford3 of 13
1514Kingston Grammar School (Mandale)J1812:24.7715Kingston Grammar School3 of 7
165Quintin (Photo)IM112:25.5316Quintin3 of 3
1716TwickenhamIM212:28.5417Twickenham4 of 9
1843QuintinVD12:31.51218Quintin1 of 3VD
1979Westminster SchoolJ1812:32.9719Westminster School(time only)
209Shiplake CollegeJ1812:34.9720Shiplake College4 of 7
2128University College LondonIM312:36.5521University College London4 of 13
2234University of LondonIM212:37.0422University of London(time only)
2338Putney TownIM312:37.8523Putney Town5 of 13
2417Putney TownIM212:39.6424Putney Town5 of 9
2521VestaIM212:42.8425Vesta6 of 9
2611Kingston Grammar School (Dimitrijevic)J1812:44.3726Kingston Grammar School5 of 7
2739TwickenhamIM312:54.5527Twickenham6 of 13
2824St Paul's SchoolJ1612:56.9828St Paul's School1 of 2
2920ElizabethanIM212:59.8429Elizabethan7 of 9
3055University of BristolN13:01.2630University of Bristol1 of 8N
3112St George's CollegeJ1813:01.6731St George's College6 of 7
3248St George's CollegeJ1513:04.9932St George's College1 of 5J15
3319WalbrookIM213:05.9433Walbrook8 of 9
3413St Paul's School (Wates)J1813:07.4734St Paul's School7 of 7
3561Emanuel SchoolN13:09.2635Emanuel School2 of 8
3635Shiplake CollegeIM313:09.6536Shiplake College7 of 13
3725Emanuel SchoolJ1613:13.8837Emanuel School2 of 2
3840Sons of the ThamesIM313:17.3538Sons of the Thames8 of 13
3945King's College School (Clement)J1513:17.5939King's College School2 of 5
4062Tideway ScullersVF13:17.81440Tideway Scullers1 of 2
4158King's College SchoolN13:20.7641King's College School3 of 8
4223CygnetIM213:26.2442Cygnet9 of 9
4330Lincoln College OxfordIM313:26.9543Lincoln College Oxford9 of 13
4467Vesta (Ansell)WIM113:28.61644Vesta(time only)Fastest women
4542Tideway ScullersVD13:29.21245Tideway Scullers2 of 3
4646Latymer Upper SchoolJ1513:30.0946Latymer Upper School3 of 5
4757St George's CollegeN13:32.1647St George's College4 of 8
4831Mortlake Anglian & AlphaIM313:33.4548Mortlake Anglian & Alpha10 of 13
4950Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM113:33.61649Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 3WIM1
5075Putney Town (de Bruyn)WIM313:40.71850Putney Town1 of 12WIM3
5151University of LondonWIM113:42.41651University of London2 of 3
5277Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM313:47.91852Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 12
5347Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1513:48.1953Kingston Grammar School4 of 5
5452Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM113:49.61654Barnes Bridge Ladies3 of 3
5570Vesta (Farrey)WIM213:50.71755Vesta1 of 8WIM2
5668Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM213:52.21756Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 8
5764MaidenheadWIM213:53.91757Maidenhead3 of 8
5860University College LondonN13:54.8658University College London5 of 8
5956VestaN13:55.6659Vesta6 of 8
6033Barts & LondonIM313:56.2560Barts & London11 of 13
6169Sons of the ThamesWIM213:59.11761Sons of the Thames4 of 8
6253Mortlake Anglian & AlphaVE14:03.91362Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 1
6326GuildfordVC14:04.31163Guildford1 of 1
6484University of BristolWIM314:04.41864University of Bristol3 of 12
6578WalbrookWIM314:11.71865Walbrook4 of 12
6671Putney TownWIM214:17.11766Putney Town5 of 8
6783VestaWIM314:18.61867Vesta5 of 12
6854London School of EconomicsN14:20.5668London School of Economics7 of 8
6959ThamesN14:21.5669Thames8 of 8
7049King's College School (Robey)J1514:26.2970King's College School5 of 5
7166City of OxfordWIM214:27.71771City of Oxford6 of 8
7232St Paul's SchoolIM314:33.4572St Paul's School12 of 13
7385University College LondonWIM314:36.31873University College London6 of 12
7482Worcester (Hodgkins)WIM314:37.31874Worcester7 of 12
7572Twickenham (Nicholls)WIM214:42.31775Twickenham7 of 8
7673AK/Cygnet/LeaVG14:43.81576AK/Cygnet/Lea1 of 1
7763Bewl BridgeVF14:47.21477Bewl Bridge2 of 2
7888St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1814:50.52078St Paul's Girls School1 of 2
7992Barnes Bridge LadiesWN14:57.71979Barnes Bridge Ladies1 of 7WN
8065Twickenham (Johnson)WIM214:58.61780Twickenham8 of 8
8186Kingston Grammar SchoolWIM314:58.71881Kingston Grammar School8 of 12
8299Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1515:01.52182Kingston Grammar School1 of 3WJ15
8397St George's CollegeWJ1515:03.42183St George's College2 of 3
8491ThamesWN15:04.11984Thames2 of 7
8581Sons of the ThamesWIM315:07.11885Sons of the Thames9 of 12
8644Emanuel SchoolJ15 8x15:29.61086Emanuel School1 of 1
8776Trinity College OxfordWIM315:30.2 P1887Trinity College Oxford10 of 12
8880City of OxfordWIM315:37.91888City of Oxford11 of 12
8936CygnetIM315:39.4589Cygnet13 of 13
9074Worcester (Harvey)WIM315:40.71890Worcester12 of 12
9194University College LondonWN15:41.31991University College London3 of 7
9298Emanuel SchoolWJ1515:41.42192Emanuel School3 of 3
9393Emanuel SchoolWN15:48.91993Emanuel School4 of 7
9496Emanuel SchoolWJ15 8x15:55.02294Emanuel School1 of 1
9587Emanuel SchoolWJ1815:55.32095Emanuel School2 of 2
9695University of Bristol (Connell)WN16:04.41996University of Bristol5 of 7
9741Putney TownVD16:07.01297Putney Town3 of 3
9889VestaWN16:14.21998Vesta6 of 7
9990University of Bristol (Sykes)WN16:58.31999University of Bristol7 of 7
79#University of LondonWIM3Scr.18Z079University of London # No. re-allocated

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Crew 7: This crew was originally entered as J18 but due to illness and injury a non-junior substitute was brought into the crew.

Crew 34: Originally entered as IM3 but, due to illness and injury, substitutes were used who raised the status to IM2

Crew 67: Vesta (Ansell) was originally entered as WIM2, but the crew used substitutes who raised the crew's status to WIM1. The crew was therefore not eligible for the WIM1 pennant.

Crew 79: University of London WIM3 crew scratched after publication of the draw and were replaced by Westminster School J18 crew.

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