Quintin Head 2011 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Hammersmith Bridge — Saturday, 29th January 2011 at 12:00 noon

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder
Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

Photos of all pennant winners
courtesy of
Birdman Photography - Quintin Head

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

11Cambridge UniversityE11:02.311Cambridge University1 of 4Overall & E
25LondonS11:21.422London1 of 6S
36Cambridge UniversityS11:25.523Cambridge University2 of 6
44Newcastle UniversityE11:25.614Newcastle University2 of 4
515University of LondonIM111:26.335University of London1 of 7IM1
62Durham UniversityE11:27.116Durham University3 of 4
711University of BristolIM111:35.137University of Bristol2 of 7
83LondonE11:35.418London4 of 4
920St Paul's SchoolJ1811:35.679St Paul's School1 of 8J18
1026University of LondonIM211:36.4410University of London1 of 6IM2
1119Shiplake CollegeJ1811:37.3711Shiplake College2 of 8
1213VestaIM111:42.7312Vesta3 of 7
138Durham UniversityS11:43.8213Durham University3 of 6
1412London (McInerney)IM111:49.2314London4 of 7
1521Hampton SchoolJ1811:49.3715Hampton School3 of 8
1644University of LondonIM311:50.1516University of London(time only)
1749University of BristolIM311:56.2517University of Bristol1 of 15IM3
1817London (Jarvis)IM111:56.5318London5 of 7
1914Durham UniversityIM111:57.8319Durham University6 of 7
2045University of East AngliaIM311:58.6520University of East Anglia2 of 15
2124St George's CollegeJ1812:02.0721St George's College4 of 8
2230HSBCIM212:03.2422HSBC2 of 6
2353St Paul's SchoolIM312:04.3523St Paul's School3 of 15
2410Quintin (Photo)S12:05.2224Quintin4 of 6
257Newcastle University (MacKenzie)S12:07.7 P225Newcastle University5 of 6
2618Kingston Grammar School (Mandale)J1812:08.2726Kingston Grammar School5 of 8
2723Kingston Grammar School (Hoskin)J1812:13.2727Kingston Grammar School6 of 8
2854QuintinMasD12:16.91228Quintin1 of 3MasD
29=35Hampton School (Stringer)J1612:17.1829=Hampton School1 of 5J16
29=47Oriel College OxfordIM312:17.1529=Oriel College Oxford4 of 15
3137ThamesMasC12:18.41131Thames1 of 1
329Newcastle University (Buckle)S12:19.1232Newcastle University6 of 6
3327ElizabethanIM212:19.5433Elizabethan3 of 6
3443Hampton SchoolIM312:19.7534Hampton School5 of 15
3536St Paul's SchoolJ1612:20.5835St Paul's School2 of 5
3616Bristol ArielIM112:21.6336Bristol Ariel7 of 7
3742Putney Town (Halliday)IM312:22.1537Putney Town6 of 15
3832Hampton School (Hallwood)J1612:23.1838Hampton School3 of 5
3925King's College SchoolJ1812:25.2739King's College School7 of 8
4031CygnetIM212:26.6440Cygnet4 of 6
4148Imperial CollegeIM312:26.8541Imperial College7 of 15
4240Sons of the ThamesIM312:31.5542Sons of the Thames8 of 15
4341Reading Bluecoat SchoolIM312:31.7543Reading Bluecoat School9 of 15
4429MaidenheadIM212:32.6444Maidenhead5 of 6
4575St George's CollegeN12:39.0645St George's College1 of 8N
4668St Paul's School (Arghyrou)J1512:44.3946St Paul's School1 of 12J15
4755Tideway ScullersMasD12:47.41247Tideway Scullers2 of 3
4833King's College SchoolJ1612:48.5848King's College School4 of 5
4928TwickenhamIM212:49.2449Twickenham6 of 6
5022Emanuel SchoolJ1812:49.9750Emanuel School8 of 8
5162St George's CollegeJ1512:53.5951St George's College2 of 12
5238Lincoln College OxfordIM312:54.8552Lincoln College Oxford10 of 15
5352VestaIM312:57.8553Vesta11 of 15
5478KingstonN12:58.2654Kingston2 of 8
5593VestaWIM312:59.42155Vesta1 of 4Fastest women
& WIM3
5639Parr's PrioryIM313:03.1556Parr's Priory12 of 15
5764Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1513:04.1957Kingston Grammar School3 of 12
5882Tideway ScullersMasF13:04.41458Tideway Scullers1 of 1
5957Hampton School (Winter)J1513:08.9959Hampton School4 of 12
6094Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM213:10.32060Mortlake Anglian & Alpha(time only)
6169City of OxfordWIM113:11.11961City of Oxford1 of 4WIM1
6289Putney TownWIM213:11.52062Putney Town1 of 7WIM2
6350Royal Veterinary CollegeIM313:12.3563Royal Veterinary College13 of 15
6460Hampton School (Mackworth)J1513:17.5964Hampton School5 of 12
6572Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM113:20.11965Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 4
6661King's College School (Sergeant)J1513:22.6966King's College School6 of 12
6784Barnes Bridge Ladies (Hawtin)WIM213:26.62067Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 7
6834Emanuel SchoolJ1613:27.8868Emanuel School5 of 5
6985University of BristolWIM213:29.12069University of Bristol3 of 7
7071Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM113:31.71970Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 4
7183Maidenhead (Wallace)WIM213:34.62071Maidenhead4 of 7
7291Furnivall / Auriol KensingtonWIM313:35.72172Furnivall / Auriol Kensington2 of 4
7390University of East AngliaWIM313:36.02173University of East Anglia3 of 4
7451Putney Town (Chamberlin)IM313:39.2574Putney Town14 of 15
7574University of Bristol (Chipping)N13:40.1675University of Bristol3 of 8
7679University of Bristol (Robinson)N13:41.5676University of Bristol4 of 8
7770Bristol ArielWIM113:43.11977Bristol Ariel4 of 4
7892Sons of the ThamesWIM213:46.32078Sons of the Thames(time only)
7958St Paul's School (Najjar)J1513:48.1979St Paul's School7 of 12
8046Quintin (Photo)IM313:49.8580Quintin15 of 15
8163Hampton School (Gewanter)J1513:57.6981Hampton School8 of 12
8265Reading Bluecoat School (Lewington)J1513:59.9982Reading Bluecoat School9 of 12
8359Reading Bluecoat School (Lancashire)J1514:00.2983Reading Bluecoat School10 of 12
8488Maidenhead (Sprules)WIM214:04.12084Maidenhead5 of 7
8566King's College School (Clarke)J1514:05.3985King's College School11 of 12
8673ThamesN14:06.5686Thames5 of 8
87100St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1814:10.92387St Paul's Girls School1 of 5WJ18
8898Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1814:12.22388Kingston Grammar School2 of 5
89101Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1614:12.82489Kingston Grammar School1 of 2
9086Barnes Bridge Ladies (Leow)WIM214:15.42090Barnes Bridge Ladies6 of 7
9197St George's CollegeWJ1814:15.92391St George's College3 of 5
9295HSBCWIM314:21.92192HSBC4 of 4
9387TwickenhamWIM214:33.52093Twickenham7 of 7
9467Hampton School (Munns)J1514:37.6994Hampton School12 of 12
95104Barnes Bridge LadiesWN14:37.72295Barnes Bridge Ladies1 of 6WN
96110Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1514:58.32596Kingston Grammar School1 of 2
97108Emanuel SchoolWN14:58.52297Emanuel School2 of 6
9880TwickenhamN14:59.7698Twickenham6 of 8
99105ThamesWN15:05.52299Thames3 of 6
10077Sons of the ThamesN15:09.26100Sons of the Thames7 of 8
101103University of Bristol (Rowe)WN15:11.222101University of Bristol4 of 6
10299Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1815:15.323102Godolphin & Latymer School4 of 5
10376CygnetN15:26.76103Cygnet8 of 8
104107University of Bristol (Topley)WN15:40.422104University of Bristol5 of 6
105106TwickenhamWN15:44.322105Twickenham6 of 6
10696Emanuel SchoolWJ1815:52.823106Emanuel School5 of 5
107102Putney High SchoolWJ1616:22.024107Putney High School2 of 2
108109Putney High SchoolWJ1517:08.825108Putney High School2 of 2
10956MaidenheadMasD17:53.012109Maidenhead3 of 3
81Roehampton UniversityNDNS6Z081Roehampton University 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Crew 7 was penalised for not having a boat ID.

Crew 92 originally entered as WIM3 but, due to injury, a substitute was used raising the status to WIM2.

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