Quintin Head 2012 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Harrods Wharf — Saturday, 28th January 2012 at 9:30 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

17Imperial College (Rankin)IM112:38.231Imperial College1 of 6Overall & IM1
22Tideway ScullersS12:39.522Tideway Scullers1 of 5S
33University of LondonS12:39.823University of London2 of 5
41Durham UniversityE12:40.114Durham University1 of 1
511Imperial College (Turkington)IM112:45.235Imperial College2 of 6
64MoleseyS12:49.226Molesey3 of 5
712University of LondonIM113:03.137University of London3 of 6
810Bedford Modern SchoolIM113:06.238Bedford Modern School4 of 6
924University of LondonIM213:07.349University of London1 of 15IM2
1023Southampton UniversityIM213:11.7410Southampton University2 of 15
1135Imperial CollegeIM213:12.0411Imperial College3 of 15
1222Hampton School (Lloyd)J1813:12.9712Hampton School1 of 9J18
135Durham UniversityS13:15.2213Durham University4 of 5
1436Tideway ScullersIM213:16.1414Tideway Scullers4 of 15
15=28University of BristolIM213:22.4415=University of Bristol5 of 15
15=45Quintin / Auriol KensingtonMasC13:22.41115=Quintin / Auriol Kensington1 of 3MasC
179Durham UniversityIM113:24.1317Durham University5 of 6
1818King's College SchoolJ1813:25.8718King's College School2 of 9
1915Hampton School (Hallwood)J1813:27.5719Hampton School3 of 9
2021Kingston Grammar School (Montakab)J1813:33.6720Kingston Grammar School4 of 9
2126St George's College (McCaffery)IM213:34.3421St George's College6 of 15
2248University of BristolIM313:37.6522University of Bristol1 of 15IM3
238ReadingIM113:38.2323Reading6 of 6
246Thames TradesmenS13:39.3224Thames Tradesmen5 of 5
2547Shiplake CollegeIM313:39.9525Shiplake College2 of 15
2666CrabtreeMasD13:42.21226Crabtree1 of 2
2738Westminster School (Kerr)J1613:42.5827Westminster School1 of 3J16
2832VestaIM213:43.5428Vesta7 of 15
2913Kingston Grammar School (Noble)J1813:46.9729Kingston Grammar School5 of 9
3039St Paul's School (Hopkins-Powell)J1613:48.1830St Paul's School2 of 3
3156Southampton UniversityIM313:48.2531Southampton University3 of 15
3249Sons of the Thames (Haeata)IM313:48.9532Sons of the Thames4 of 15
3351University of LondonIM313:49.6533University of London5 of 15
3429MaidenheadIM213:50.8434Maidenhead8 of 15
3531ReadingIM213:52.4435Reading9 of 15
3619Reading Bluecoat School (Lancashire)J1813:56.1736Reading Bluecoat School6 of 9
3750University College London (Harrison)IM313:57.3537University College London6 of 15
3859HSBCIM213:59.9438HSBC10 of 15
3984QuintinMasE14:01.11339Quintin1 of 4MasE
4014St Paul's SchoolJ1814:01.7740St Paul's School7 of 9
4163Vesta (Brock)WS14:04.31841Vesta1 of 3Fastest women
& WS
4216Reading Bluecoat School (Andrews)J1814:05.3742Reading Bluecoat School8 of 9
4334St George's College (Mandolfo)IM214:06.2443St George's College11 of 15
4425Parr's PrioryIM214:08.5444Parr's Priory12 of 15
4553London School of EconomicsIM314:09.3545London School of Economics7 of 15
4642Westminster School (Frost)J1614:09.4846Westminster School3 of 3
4733Putney TownIM214:10.1 P447Putney Town13 of 15
4817Emanuel School (Gillingwater)J1814:10.5748Emanuel School9 of 9
4997Lincoln College OxfordN14:11.0649Lincoln College Oxford1 of 16N
5077St Paul's School (Hughes)J1514:11.3950St Paul's School1 of 10J15
5161University of East AngliaIM314:11.8551University of East Anglia8 of 15
5260MaidenheadIM314:18.1552Maidenhead9 of 15
5385Tideway ScullersMasE14:21.21353Tideway Scullers2 of 4
5491King's College London (Jenkins)N14:22.4654King's College London2 of 16
5569Imperial College / Sport ImperialWIM114:23.81955Imperial College / Sport Imperial1 of 4WIM1
5643ThamesMasC14:24.31156Thames2 of 3
5764Barnes Bridge LadiesWS14:25.51857Barnes Bridge Ladies2 of 3
5862Durham UniversityWE14:26.51758Durham University1 of 1
5965Vesta (Kelly)WS14:26.61859Vesta3 of 3
6083ThamesMasE14:27.61360Thames3 of 4
6189London Oratory SchoolN14:27.8661London Oratory School3 of 16
6230QuintinIM214:28.6462Quintin14 of 15
6327TwickenhamIM214:30.2463Twickenham15 of 15
6457Putney TownIM314:38.8564Putney Town10 of 15
6596ThamesN14:45.3665Thames4 of 16
6658University College London (Swain)IM314:46.8566University College London11 of 15
6794Kingston (Gilchrist)N14:48.1667Kingston5 of 16
6892University of Bristol (Browning)N14:49.1668University of Bristol6 of 16
69122University of LondonWIM314:49.72169University of London1 of 11WIM3
7055Sons of the Thames (Rutterford)IM314:50.5570Sons of the Thames12 of 15
7154Parr's PrioryIM314:53.0571Parr's Priory13 of 15
7278King's College SchoolJ1514:53.2972King's College School2 of 10
7372Durham UniversityWIM114:53.61973Durham University2 of 4
74124University of BristolWIM314:53.72174University of Bristol2 of 11
75108City of OxfordWIM214:56.52075City of Oxford1 of 10WIM2
7646FurnivallIM314:56.7576Furnivall14 of 15
7768Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Dickinson)WIM115:01.51977Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 4
78115Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM215:02.02078Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 10
79110ThamesWIM215:03.12079Thames3 of 10
8082St Paul's School (Carrabino)J1515:05.1980St Paul's School3 of 10
8167Tideway ScullersMasD15:06.21281Tideway Scullers2 of 2
8252CygnetIM315:09.3582Cygnet15 of 15
83118University of East Anglia / Norwich RCWIM315:09.42183University of East Anglia / Norwich RC3 of 11
84126Vesta (Demblon)WIM315:09.62184Vesta4 of 11
8588LondonMasF15:13.21485London1 of 1
86106Putney Town (Bartlett)WIM215:14.12086Putney Town4 of 10
8799University of Bristol (King)N15:18.7687University of Bristol7 of 16
88104Putney TownN15:20.2688Putney Town8 of 16
8974Kingston Grammar School (Nicholds)J1515:20.9989Kingston Grammar School4 of 10
90103St Barts & Royal London HospitalsN15:23.1690St Barts & Royal London Hospitals9 of 16
9181Emanuel School (Artibani)J1515:23.8991Emanuel School5 of 10
92114University College LondonWIM215:23.92092University College London5 of 10
93123FurnivallWIM315:24.32193Furnivall5 of 11
9444VestaMasC15:24.51194Vesta3 of 3
95111Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM215:24.62095Barnes Bridge Ladies6 of 10
9675London Oratory SchoolJ1515:25.9996London Oratory School6 of 10
9780Reading Bluecoat School (Schroeder)J1515:28.6997Reading Bluecoat School7 of 10
98101University College LondonN15:30.2698University College London10 of 16
9990Twickenham (Boston)N15:31.2699Twickenham11 of 16
100109Durham UniversityWIM215:33.120100Durham University7 of 10
10187Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWMasB15:34.226101Mortlake Anglian & Alpha1 of 1
10293Sons of the ThamesN15:46.96102Sons of the Thames12 of 16
10386Putney TownMasE15:47.413103Putney Town4 of 4
10473Reading Bluecoat School (Howell)J1515:48.89104Reading Bluecoat School8 of 10
10579Kingston Grammar School (Boulter)J1515:50.59105Kingston Grammar School9 of 10
106130St George's CollegeWJ1815:53.723106St George's College1 of 2
107107TwickenhamWIM215:53.820107Twickenham8 of 10
108129HSBCWIM315:54.721108HSBC6 of 11
109100Twickenham (Blanke)N15:57.86109Twickenham13 of 16
11070BurwayWIM116:02.219110Burway4 of 4
111127City of OxfordWIM316:02.521111City of Oxford7 of 11
11298King's College London (Pickering)N16:05.66112King's College London14 of 16
113132Thames/BBL/Burway/MaidenheadWMasE16:09.029113Thames/BBL/Burway/Maidenhead1 of 1
114117Vesta (Ibbett)WIM316:11.921114Vesta8 of 11
115116FurnivallWIM216:14.320115Furnivall9 of 10
116105Poplar BlackwallN16:14.66116Poplar Blackwall15 of 16
117143University College LondonWN16:15.722117University College London1 of 14WN
118131Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1816:20.523118Kingston Grammar School2 of 2
119144U of East Anglia / Norwich RC / Norwich SchWN16:22.422119U of East Anglia / Norwich RC / Norwich Sch2 of 14
120134University of Bristol (Wall)WN16:26.722120University of Bristol3 of 14
121112Putney Town (Swanton)WIM216:28.120121Putney Town10 of 10
122148Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1516:28.425122Godolphin & Latymer School1 of 3WJ15
123141Royal Veterinary CollegeWN16:34.922123Royal Veterinary College4 of 14
124146ThamesWN16:35.522124Thames5 of 14
125119Emanuel SchoolWIM316:37.221125Emanuel School9 of 11
126149Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1516:38.225126Kingston Grammar School2 of 3
127138St Barts & Royal London HospitalsWN16:41.922127St Barts & Royal London Hospitals6 of 14
12895Roehampton UniversityN16:45.96128Roehampton University16 of 16
129139TwickenhamWN16:50.022129Twickenham7 of 14
130150Emanuel SchoolWJ1517:07.025130Emanuel School3 of 3
131133King's College LondonWN17:12.722131King's College London8 of 14
132135Putney High SchoolWN17:19.822132Putney High School9 of 14
133145Putney TownWN17:25.022133Putney Town10 of 14
134121ThamesWIM317:28.721134Thames10 of 11
135128Barnes Bridge LadiesWN17:32.722135Barnes Bridge Ladies(time only)
136136Roehampton UniversityWN17:33.322136Roehampton University11 of 14
137137KingstonWN17:34.022137Kingston12 of 14
138125University College LondonWIM317:41.521138University College London11 of 11
139140Emanuel SchoolWN17:42.622139Emanuel School13 of 14
14076Emanuel School (Green)J1517:43.79140Emanuel School10 of 10
141147University of Bristol (Qamar)WIM318:07.021141University of Bristol(time only)
142142Sons of the ThamesWN18:39.8 P22142Sons of the Thames14 of 14
20Emanuel School (Ikezue-Clifford)J18DNS7Z020Emanuel School 
40King's College SchoolJ16DNS8Z040King's College School 
41St Paul's School (Howes)J16DNS8Z041St Paul's School 
71Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Richardson)WIM1Scr.19Z071Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 
102Kingston (Hembry)NScr.6Z102Kingston 
120King's College LondonWIM3Scr.21Z120King's College London 
128#TwickenhamWIM3Scr.21Z128Twickenham # No. re-allocated

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Crew 33 was penalised for interference.

Crew 142 was penalised for gross incompetence, including passing the wrong side of navigation buoys.

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