Quintin Head 2014 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Harrods Wharf — Saturday, 25th January 2014 at 10:30 am

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

113University of LondonS11:10.521University of London1 of 8Overall & S
23Oxford Brookes UniversityE11:11.212Oxford Brookes University1 of 4E
32ThamesE11:14.313Thames2 of 4
412Imperial CollegeS11:15.724Imperial College2 of 8
51Imperial CollegeE11:19.515Imperial College3 of 4
66MoleseyS11:23.726Molesey3 of 8
74Upper ThamesE11:24.417Upper Thames4 of 4
8=7Tideway Scullers SchoolS11:25.728=Tideway Scullers School4 of 8
8=18St Paul's SchoolIM111:25.738=St Paul's School1 of 8IM1
109ThamesS11:28.2210Thames5 of 8
118Oxford Brookes UniversityS11:28.4211Oxford Brookes University6 of 8
125LondonE11:28.9112London(time only)
1333University of LondonIM211:37.1413University of London1 of 15IM2
1436University of BristolIM211:37.5414University of Bristol2 of 15
1531VestaIM211:38.1415Vesta3 of 15
1623Latymer Upper SchoolJ1811:39.3716Latymer Upper School1 of 6J18
1711Quintin (Photo)S11:39.4217Quintin7 of 8
1821Upper Thames (Carter)IM111:41.8318Upper Thames2 of 8
1917LeaIM111:42.1319Lea3 of 8
2014Imperial CollegeIM111:43.5320Imperial College4 of 8
2119Oxford Brookes UniversityIM111:45.6321Oxford Brookes University5 of 8
2215Upper Thames (Thompson)IM111:49.4322Upper Thames6 of 8
2322King's College SchoolJ1811:49.5723King's College School2 of 6
2481University of WarwickIM311:49.9524University of Warwick1 of 27IM3
2529ThamesIM211:51.2425Thames4 of 15
2638Oxford Brookes UniversityIM211:51.7426Oxford Brookes University5 of 15
2740MarlowIM211:52.4427Marlow6 of 15
2871Latymer Upper SchoolIM311:52.6528Latymer Upper School2 of 27
2937Hampton SchoolIM211:52.7429Hampton School7 of 15
3010Lady RohesiaS11:52.8230Lady Rohesia8 of 8
3175Hampton SchoolIM311:52.9531Hampton School3 of 27
3234Bedford Modern SchoolIM211:53.0432Bedford Modern School8 of 15
3366Shiplake CollegeIM311:53.1533Shiplake College4 of 27
3457Twickenham/AK/PT/ShiplakeMasB11:53.41034Twickenham/AK/PT/Shiplake1 of 1
3543MoleseyIM211:56.8435Molesey9 of 15
3626Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1811:57.1736Reading Blue Coat School3 of 6
3772University College LondonIM312:00.4537University College London5 of 27
38=20WorcesterIM112:01.0338=Worcester7 of 8
38=45London Oratory School (Auty)J1612:01.0838=London Oratory School1 of 13J16
4050Westminster SchoolJ1612:02.5840Westminster School2 of 13
4182ThamesIM312:05.1541Thames6 of 27
4267Putney Town (Emslie)IM312:05.9542Putney Town7 of 27
4358Tyrian / ThamesMasC12:06.41143Tyrian / Thames1 of 3MasC
4435HSBCIM212:07.3444HSBC10 of 15
4530ExeterIM212:07.5445Exeter11 of 15
4646Hampton School AJ1612:08.7846Hampton School3 of 13
4759London/ElizabethanMasC12:09.51147London/Elizabethan2 of 3
4844St Paul's School AJ1612:10.6848St Paul's School4 of 13
4990King's College LondonIM312:10.9549King's College London8 of 27
5025King's School CanterburyJ1812:11.8750King's School Canterbury4 of 6
5116Quintin (Photo)IM112:14.1351Quintin8 of 8
52=27Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1812:14.2752=Kingston Grammar School5 of 6
52=61Upper ThamesMasD12:14.21252=Upper Thames1 of 3MasD
5495Imperial CollegeWE12:15.81954Imperial College1 of 2Fastest women
5554King's College SchoolJ1612:16.1855King's College School5 of 13
5664University of BristolIM312:16.3556University of Bristol9 of 27
5742University College LondonIM212:16.4457University College London12 of 15
5889St Paul's SchoolIM312:17.0558St Paul's School10 of 27
5941Sons of the ThamesIM212:17.6459Sons of the Thames13 of 15
60106MoleseyWIM112:17.72160Molesey1 of 4WIM1
61104University of LondonWIM112:17.82161University of London2 of 4
6247Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1612:18.1862Kingston Grammar School6 of 13
6373Worcester College OxfordIM312:19.5563Worcester College Oxford11 of 27
6474LeaIM312:20.8564Lea12 of 27
65129Thames (Almond)N12:21.4665Thames1 of 14N
6680Putney Town (Cary)IM312:23.2 P566Putney Town13 of 27
6762WaltonMasD12:23.31267Walton2 of 3
68132Imperial College (McPherson)N12:23.9 P668Imperial College2 of 14
6952Hampton School BJ1612:24.8869Hampton School7 of 13
7053St Paul's School BJ1612:25.8870St Paul's School8 of 13
7188VestaIM312:26.6571Vesta14 of 27
7285Reading Blue Coat SchoolIM312:27.2572Reading Blue Coat School15 of 27
7324Hampton School 1J1812:28.2773Hampton School6 of 6
74137Shiplake CollegeN12:28.8674Shiplake College3 of 14
7539Auriol KensingtonIM212:30.2475Auriol Kensington14 of 15
7665LeicesterIM312:30.5576Leicester16 of 27
7783WorcesterIM312:32.7577Worcester17 of 27
78108Thames (Mortimer)WIM112:33.62178Thames3 of 4
7963WeybridgeMasD12:34.61279Weybridge3 of 3
8049Reading Blue Coat School (Batt)J1612:34.8880Reading Blue Coat School9 of 13
81100QuintinMasE12:35.0 P1381Quintin1 of 6MasE
8248St George's CollegeJ1612:35.3882St George's College10 of 13
83105Thames BWIM112:36.52183Thames4 of 4
8468FurnivallIM312:38.1584Furnivall18 of 27
85136LondonN12:38.2685London4 of 14
8692University of East AngliaIM312:38.8586University of East Anglia19 of 27
87=86GlobeIM312:39.6587=Globe20 of 27
87=156Tideway Scullers SchoolWIM212:39.62287=Tideway Scullers School1 of 7WIM2
89=94HenleyWE12:40.11989=Henley2 of 2
89=101Tideway Scullers SchoolMasE12:40.11389=Tideway Scullers School2 of 6
9160Maidstone InvictaMasC12:40.21191Maidstone Invicta3 of 3
92117St Paul's School (Lee)J1512:40.8992St Paul's School1 of 18J15
93176Thames CWIM312:42.82393Thames1 of 21WIM3
9470St Barts and Royal London Hosps (Diffey)IM312:43.0594St Barts and Royal London Hosps21 of 27
95120Hampton School 'Black'J1512:44.1995Hampton School2 of 18
96113Reading Blue Coat School (Rollet-Manus)J1512:45.5996Reading Blue Coat School3 of 18
97151University of LondonWIM212:45.92297University of London2 of 7
9896VestaWS12:46.22098Vesta1 of 2
99103ThamesMasE12:46.71399Thames3 of 6
100140University College LondonN12:46.86100University College London5 of 14
10156London Oratory School (Knox)J1612:47.58101London Oratory School11 of 13
102123St Paul's School (Flemming)J1512:48.89102St Paul's School4 of 18
103188Lady Eleanor Holles School (Kelly)WJ1812:48.925103Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 9WJ18
10499WalbrookMasE12:50.713104Walbrook4 of 6
10597LeaWS12:50.920105Lea2 of 2
106148Tideway Scullers SchoolMasF12:51.114106Tideway Scullers School1 of 5MasF
107114Westminster SchoolJ1512:51.79107Westminster School5 of 18
10832Putney TownIM212:52.74108Putney Town15 of 15
109159University of WarwickWIM312:52.923109University of Warwick2 of 21
110139VestaN12:54.76110Vesta6 of 14
111112Hampton School 'Yellow'J1512:55.19111Hampton School6 of 18
112153Nottingham UniversityWIM212:56.522112Nottingham University3 of 7
113189St George's CollegeWJ1812:57.525113St George's College2 of 9
11477De Montfort UniversityIM312:57.95114De Montfort University22 of 27
115164Oxford Brookes UniversityWIM312:58.323115Oxford Brookes University3 of 21
11669City of OxfordIM312:58.55116City of Oxford23 of 27
117170Imperial CollegeWIM312:58.923117Imperial College4 of 21
118116Kingston Grammar School (Sinker)J1513:00.19118Kingston Grammar School7 of 18
119118King's College School (Oswald)J1513:00.39119King's College School8 of 18
120150LeaWIM213:01.022120Lea4 of 7
121143Imperial College (Pernow)N13:01.76121Imperial College7 of 14
122183WeybridgeMasG13:01.915122Weybridge1 of 1
123190Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1813:03.625123Kingston Grammar School3 of 9
124109London Oratory School (Connolly)J1513:04.79124London Oratory School9 of 18
125134University of Bristol (Mellen)N13:06.06125University of Bristol8 of 14
12698Putney Town (De Maria)MasE13:06.713126Putney Town5 of 6
127152Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM213:07.722127Barnes Bridge Ladies5 of 7
128185Lady Eleanor Holles School (Austyn)WJ1813:09.3 P25128Lady Eleanor Holles School4 of 9
129115Emanuel School (Wilson)J1513:09.59129Emanuel School10 of 18
130144Maidstone InvictaMasF13:10.014130Maidstone Invicta2 of 5
131177University College LondonWIM313:11.423131University College London5 of 21
132149WorcesterWIM213:14.522132Worcester6 of 7
133147Auriol KensingtonMasF13:16.114133Auriol Kensington3 of 5
134168University of BristolWIM313:17.323134University of Bristol6 of 21
13593HSBCIM313:18.05135HSBC24 of 27
136158Sons of the ThamesWIM313:18.823136Sons of the Thames7 of 21
137199Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1513:19.127137Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 3WJ15
138161King's College London (Thomas)WIM313:20.023138King's College London8 of 21
13991Putney Town (Maddock)IM313:20.95139Putney Town25 of 27
140204University of East Anglia (Cook)WN13:21.924140University of East Anglia1 of 15WN
141182Thames/BBL/TSS/Kingston/MAAWMasE13:22.631141Thames/BBL/TSS/Kingston/MAA1 of 1
142121Kingston Grammar School (Duneau)J1513:23.49142Kingston Grammar School11 of 18
143206Thames (Dwane)WN13:24.524143Thames2 of 15
144166ExeterWIM313:25.323144Exeter9 of 21
145110St George's CollegeJ1513:27.29145St George's College12 of 18
146178Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWMasC/D (WMasC)13:28.529146Mortlake Anglian & AlphaSee Handicap Results
147187Sir William Perkins's School (Yetman)WJ1813:29.025147Sir William Perkins's School5 of 9
14855Reading Blue Coat School (Derry)J1613:29.38148Reading Blue Coat School12 of 13
149194Putney High SchoolWJ1613:29.426149Putney High School1 of 2WJ16
150142University of Bristol (Bunyan)N13:30.46150University of Bristol9 of 14
15178CygnetIM313:31.25151Cygnet26 of 27
152208Imperial CollegeWN13:35.124152Imperial College3 of 15
153209WeybridgeWN13:35.824153Weybridge4 of 15
154171FurnivallWIM313:38.023154Furnivall10 of 21
155145Tideway Scullers School / CygnetMasF13:39.614155Tideway Scullers School / Cygnet4 of 5
156198Emanuel SchoolWJ1513:39.927156Emanuel School2 of 3
157111St Paul's School (Moore)J1513:40.89157St Paul's School13 of 18
158146Mortlake Anglian & AlphaMasF13:42.614158Mortlake Anglian & Alpha5 of 5
159173Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM313:45.723159Barnes Bridge Ladies11 of 21
160200Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1513:46.127160Godolphin & Latymer School3 of 3
161102Putney Town (Wills)MasE13:46.813161Putney Town6 of 6
162175Nottingham UniversityWIM313:47.423162Nottingham University12 of 21
163154BurwayWIM213:47.622163Burway7 of 7
164127Emanuel School (Cowen)J1513:48.39164Emanuel School14 of 18
165167Auriol KensingtonWIM313:49.023165Auriol Kensington13 of 21
166=141Thames (Crawford)N13:49.26166=Thames10 of 14
166=195Sir William Perkins's School (Atkinson)WJ1813:49.225166=Sir William Perkins's School(time only)
168163Thames DWIM313:51.123168Thames14 of 21
169202University College London (Exton-Smith)WN13:52.124169University College London5 of 15
170180WalbrookWMasC/D (WMasD)13:53.429170WalbrookSee Handicap Results
17179St Barts and Royal London Hosps (Cornwell)IM313:53.65171St Barts and Royal London Hosps27 of 27
172160King's School CanterburyWIM313:54.123172King's School Canterbury15 of 21
173133Emanuel SchoolN13:55.56173Emanuel School11 of 14
174184Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1813:58.125174Godolphin & Latymer School6 of 9
175181WeybridgeWMasC/D (WMasD)13:58.329175WeybridgeSee Handicap Results
176165Putney TownWIM313:59.223176Putney Town16 of 21
177119King's School CanterburyJ1514:00.79177King's School Canterbury15 of 18
178192Lady Eleanor Holles School (Smith)WJ1814:01.625178Lady Eleanor Holles School7 of 9
179207University of Bristol (Boulter)WN14:02.824179University of Bristol6 of 15
18051Emanuel SchoolJ1614:03.48180Emanuel School13 of 13
181138Quintin (Photo)N14:04.06181Quintin12 of 14
182172Team KeaneWIM314:06.023182Team Keane17 of 21
183125London Oratory School (Hart)J1514:06.39183London Oratory School16 of 18
184157HSBCWIM314:12.023184HSBC18 of 21
185128GlobeN14:15.56185Globe13 of 14
186191St Paul's Girls School (Lewis)WJ1814:16.525186St Paul's Girls School8 of 9
187179Barnes Bridge LadiesWMasB14:16.79999187Barnes Bridge Ladies(time only)
188193Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1614:16.826188Kingston Grammar School2 of 2
189219St Barts and Royal London HospsWN14:17.924189St Barts and Royal London Hosps7 of 15
190126King's College School (Lim)J1514:18.99190King's College School17 of 18
191218Putney TownWN14:22.824191Putney Town8 of 15
192169Parr's PrioryWIM314:22.923192Parr's Priory19 of 21
193212Putney High SchoolWN14:23.924193Putney High School9 of 15
194216Emanuel SchoolWN14:27.024194Emanuel School10 of 15
195135Team KeaneN14:27.16195Team Keane14 of 14
196174King's College London (Frost)WIM314:30.623196King's College London20 of 21
197122Reading Blue Coat School (Maynard)J1514:33.59197Reading Blue Coat School18 of 18
198186St Paul's Girls School (Power)WJ1814:34.025198St Paul's Girls School9 of 9
199162De Montfort UniversityWIM314:35.823199De Montfort University21 of 21
200205Royal Veterinary CollegeWN14:36.724200Royal Veterinary College11 of 15
201=211Thames (Rogers)WN14:37.524201=Thames12= of 15
201=215Parr's PrioryWN14:37.524201=Parr's Priory12= of 15
203213University College London (Eddy)WN14:44.024203University College London14 of 15
204217University of Bristol (Wray)WN15:02.624204University of Bristol15 of 15
28Hampton School 2J18DNS7Z028Hampton School 
76Oxford Brookes University (Whitaker)IM3Scr.5Z076Oxford Brookes University 
84King's College SchoolIM3Scr.5Z084King's College School 
87Oxford Brookes University (MacIntyre)IM3Scr.5Z087Oxford Brookes University 
124Latymer Upper SchoolJ15Scr.9Z124Latymer Upper School 
130University of East AngliaNScr.6Z130University of East Anglia 
155Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM2Scr.22Z155Mortlake Anglian & Alpha 
196St George's CollegeWJ15Scr.27Z196St George's College 
197Sir William Perkins's SchoolWJ15Scr.27Z197Sir William Perkins's School 
203Auriol KensingtonWNScr.24Z203Auriol Kensington 
210University of East Anglia (Godfrey)WNScr.24Z210University of East Anglia 
214University of WarwickWNScr.24Z214University of Warwick 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

After comparison of the output from the three main timing systems, three crews' times have been adjusted from the provisional results - crews 182, 212, and 217. These amendments cause one change to the finishing order but have no impact on the awarding of pennants.

Crew No. 5, London Men's Elite, substituted more than half their crew after entries closed and therefore rowed for time only.

Crew No. 80, Putney Town (Cary) IM3, were penalised for clashing at the start.

Crew No. 100, Quintin Masters E, were penalised for disregarding navigation rules at Chiswick Crossing.

Crew No. 132, Imperial College (McPherson) N, were penalised for not having a boat ID.

Crew No. 179, Barnes Bridge Ladies' WMasC, had to bring in a substitute who took them to WMasB. They therefore rowed for time only and were not eligible for the WMas C/D pennant.

Crew No. 185, Lady Eleanor Holles School (Austyn) WJ18, were penalised for paddling firm in the marshalling area.

Crew No. 195, Sir William Perkins's School WJ16 status changed to WJ18 (time only) due to crew substitutions.

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