Quintin Head 2015 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Harrods Wharf — Saturday, 31st January 2015 at 1:45 pm

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

14Thames 'Dastardly'S11:55.521Thames(time only)
22Tideway Scullers SchoolE12:02.412Tideway Scullers School1 of 3Overall & E
318Imperial CollegeIM112:03.433Imperial College1 of 10IM1
433University of LondonIM212:04.744University of London1 of 18IM2
55Imperial CollegeS12:04.925Imperial College1 of 4S
616St Paul's SchoolIM112:09.836St Paul's School2 of 10
712Upper Thames (Graham)IM112:14.937Upper Thames3 of 10
817MarlowIM112:18.138Marlow4 of 10
93Upper ThamesE12:18.419Upper Thames2 of 3
108Thames 'Muttley'E12:21.3110Thames(time only)
116StarS12:22.6211Star2 of 4
127TyrianS12:23.5212Tyrian3 of 4
1310LeaIM112:25.9313Lea5 of 10
141Quintin (Photo)E12:27.0 P114Quintin3 of 3
1529Eton CollegeIM212:27.5415Eton College2 of 18
1651Latymer Upper SchoolJ1812:28.3716Latymer Upper School1 of 19J18
1719Upper Thames (Head)IM112:29.1317Upper Thames6 of 10
1826MoleseyIM212:29.3418Molesey3 of 18
199MoleseyS12:30.7 P219Molesey4 of 4
20103University of LondonIM312:30.8520University of London1 of 31IM3
2171Westminster SchoolJ1612:31.1821Westminster School1 of 11J16
2263LondonMasC12:33.31122London1 of 2MasC
2323University of West of EnglandIM212:34.3423University of West of England4 of 18
2420VestaIM112:35.1324Vesta7 of 10
2546St George's College / Tideway Scullers SchoolJ1812:36.7725St George's College / Tideway Scullers School(time only)
2631Imperial CollegeIM212:36.8426Imperial College5 of 18
2732Hampton School (Tubbs)IM212:37.1427Hampton School6 of 18
2811WorcesterIM112:38.2328Worcester8 of 10
2988Eton College (Hayes)IM312:39.4529Eton College2 of 31
3025Quintin AIM212:40.3430Quintin7 of 18
3164Oxford UniversityWE12:41.71931Oxford University1 of 1Fastest women
32112ThamesIM312:42.2532Thames3 of 31
3322Tideway Scullers SchoolIM212:42.9433Tideway Scullers School8 of 18
34109Nottingham UniversityIM312:43.4534Nottingham University4 of 31
3542Reading Blue Coat School (Brackley)J1812:45.7735Reading Blue Coat School2 of 19
36=21Hampton School (Crockett)IM212:45.8436=Hampton School9 of 18
36=90Kingston Grammar School 1IM312:45.8536=Kingston Grammar School5 of 31
3838LeaIM212:47.6438Lea10 of 18
3939University of BristolIM212:47.7439University of Bristol11 of 18
4045London Oratory School (Auty)J1812:47.8740London Oratory School3 of 19
41117Shiplake CollegeIM312:54.4541Shiplake College6 of 31
4269Hampton School AJ1612:55.4842Hampton School2 of 11
4343Winchester College (Schröder)J1812:55.6743Winchester College4 of 19
4450Shiplake CollegeJ1812:55.7744Shiplake College5 of 19
4591University College London (Haynes)IM312:55.9545University College London7 of 31
4681Upper ThamesMasD12:56.91246Upper Thames1 of 6MasD
4740St Paul's SchoolJ1812:58.1747St Paul's School6 of 19
4813ReadingIM112:58.9348Reading9 of 10
4952KingstonJ1812:59.9749Kingston7 of 19
5028VestaIM213:00.5450Vesta12 of 18
5115BroxbourneIM113:01.2351Broxbourne10 of 10
5261ThamesMasC13:02.51152Thames2 of 2
5327Maidstone InvictaIM213:03.2453Maidstone Invicta13 of 18
54122Imperial CollegeWIM113:03.92154Imperial College1 of 5WIM1
5548King's College School (Robinson)J1813:04.5755King's College School8 of 19
5653King's College School JSJ1813:07.0756King's College School9 of 19
57119Auriol KensingtonIM313:08.0557Auriol Kensington8 of 31
5824King's School CanterburyIM213:08.1458King's School Canterbury14 of 18
5935HSBCIM213:08.4459HSBC15 of 18
6067Dulwich College (Hughes)J1613:09.8860Dulwich College3 of 11
61107Eton College 2IM313:11.0561Eton College9 of 31
6292Putney Town (McOrist)IM213:11.1462Putney Town(time only)
6354Hampton School (Kitt)J1813:11.4763Hampton School10 of 19
6470St Paul's School (Waller)J1613:12.0864St Paul's School4 of 11
6596Bedford Modern SchoolIM313:12.6565Bedford Modern School10 of 31
6655Winchester College (Van Randwyck)J1813:12.8766Winchester College11 of 19
67130QuintinMasE13:13.61367Quintin1 of 8MasE
6866Oxford UniversityWS13:13.72068Oxford University1 of 2
69113MarlowIM313:15.2569Marlow11 of 31
70106Imperial CollegeIM313:18.4570Imperial College12 of 31
71111University of WarwickIM313:18.7571University of Warwick13 of 31
72123MoleseyWIM113:19.52172Molesey2 of 5
7341Hampton School (M. Knight)J1813:20.2773Hampton School12 of 19
74=37ReadingIM213:21.1474=Reading16 of 18
74=49Reading Blue Coat School (Howell)J1813:21.1774=Reading Blue Coat School13 of 19
7680WaltonMasD13:21.41276Walton2 of 6
77118King's College LondonIM313:22.0577King's College London14 of 31
78110Kingston Grammar School 2IM313:24.3578Kingston Grammar School15 of 31
79121ThamesWIM113:26.72179Thames3 of 5
8095Jesus College OxfordIM313:27.4580Jesus College Oxford16 of 31
8144Canford School (Gregory)J1813:28.0781Canford School14 of 19
8289WorcesterIM313:28.2582Worcester17 of 31
83170University of Bristol 1N13:30.1683University of Bristol1 of 16N
8487University of BristolIM313:31.3584University of Bristol18 of 31
85102De Montfort UniversityIM313:32.3585De Montfort University19 of 31
8656London Oratory School (Barrett)J1813:32.4786London Oratory School15 of 19
87=83WeybridgeMasD13:33.11287=Weybridge3 of 6
87=116Putney Town (Maddock)IM313:33.1587=Putney Town20 of 31
8974Emanuel SchoolJ1613:33.7889Emanuel School5 of 11
9078St Paul's School (Colato)J1613:33.8890St Paul's School6 of 11
91108University College London (Ren)IM313:34.1591University College London21 of 31
92165Tideway Scullers SchoolWIM213:34.52292Tideway Scullers School1 of 9WIM2
9397St George's HospitalIM313:34.7593St George's Hospital22 of 31
9460CygnetMasB13:35.31094Cygnet1 of 1
95199University of LondonWIM313:36.22395University of London1 of 23WIM3
96163University of LondonWIM213:36.92296University of London2 of 9
9786Globe (Delaney)IM313:37.4597Globe23 of 31
9877London Oratory SchoolJ1613:39.4898London Oratory School7 of 11
99=93University of East Anglia (Pumfrett)IM313:40.9599=University of East Anglia24 of 31
99=135Bedford/HornetsMasF13:40.91499=Bedford/Hornets1 of 4MasF
101132CrabtreeMasE13:42.813101Crabtree2 of 8
10272Dulwich College (O'Connor)J1613:44.48102Dulwich College8 of 11
103178ThamesN13:44.66103Thames2 of 16
10430Warwick Graduate AssociationIM213:44.84104Warwick Graduate Association17 of 18
10557Canford School (Ellis)J1813:48.57105Canford School16 of 19
10665ThamesWS13:48.720106Thames2 of 2
107169Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch 1N13:49.56107Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch3 of 16
10834Quintin B (Photo)IM213:50.24108Quintin18 of 18
109174Nottingham UniversityN13:51.06109Nottingham University4 of 16
110141Hampton School (Butler)J1513:51.99110Hampton School1 of 18J15
11194Latymer Upper SchoolIM313:52.25111Latymer Upper School25 of 31
112146Dulwich College (Ellison)J1513:52.39112Dulwich College2 of 18
11368Pangbourne CollegeJ1613:52.78113Pangbourne College9 of 11
11484MarlowMasD13:53.212114Marlow4 of 6
115=120LeaWIM113:54.221115=Lea4 of 5
115=47King's School CanterburyJ1813:54.27115=King's School Canterbury17 of 19
117159Nottingham UniversityWIM213:56.022117Nottingham University3 of 9
118155St George's College (Henderson)J1513:56.8 P9118St George's College3 of 18
119136Thames/London/Vesta/AbingdonMasF13:58.914119Thames/London/Vesta/Abingdon2 of 4
120139London Oratory School (Jones)J1513:59.09120London Oratory School4 of 18
121104GloucesterIM313:59.3 P5121Gloucester26 of 31
122128Tideway Scullers SchoolMasE13:59.413122Tideway Scullers School3 of 8
123166University College LondonWIM214:00.322123University College London4 of 9
124180Sons of the ThamesN14:00.66124Sons of the Thames5 of 16
125105Sons of the ThamesIM314:01.35125Sons of the Thames27 of 31
126150Hampton School (Nur)J1514:02.89126Hampton School5 of 18
127101FurnivallIM314:03.65127Furnivall28 of 31
12858Reading Blue Coat School (Veale)J1814:03.97128Reading Blue Coat School18 of 19
129142St Paul's School (Black)J1514:04.69129St Paul's School6 of 18
130134Tideway Scullers SchoolMasF14:06.914130Tideway Scullers School3 of 4
13173Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1614:07.38131Reading Blue Coat School10 of 11
13282Thames Tradesmen / MAAMasD14:07.512132Thames Tradesmen / MAA5 of 6
133161VestaWIM214:08.122133Vesta5 of 9
134216Lady Eleanor Holles School (O'Malley)WJ1814:09.925134Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 4WJ18
135151St Paul's School (White)J1514:12.69135St Paul's School7 of 18
136195Imperial CollegeWIM314:12.923136Imperial College2 of 23
137=124Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM114:14.721137=Mortlake Anglian & Alpha5 of 5
137=147King's College School TPJ1514:14.79137=King's College School8 of 18
139127TwickenhamMasE14:15.2 P13139Twickenham4 of 8
140137Bristol ArielMasF14:16.114140Bristol Ariel4 of 4
141196Tideway Scullers SchoolWIM314:16.523141Tideway Scullers School3 of 23
142126Putney Town (Goerz)MasE14:17.013142Putney Town5 of 8
143115St Paul's SchoolIM314:18.55143St Paul's School29 of 31
14459St George's College (Ewart)J1814:19.37144St George's College19 of 19
145=200King's College LondonWIM314:22.323145=King's College London4 of 23
145=179Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch 2N14:22.36145=Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch6 of 16
147125Sons of the ThamesMxdMasC14:23.547147Sons of the Thames1 of 1
148168Imperial CollegeN14:24.26148Imperial College7 of 16
14998Quintin (Photo)IM314:24.65149Quintin30 of 31
150152Westminster SchoolJ1514:24.89150Westminster School9 of 18
151188Auriol Kensington (Edwards)WIM314:27.123151Auriol Kensington5 of 23
152149Kingston Grammar SchoolJ1514:27.59152Kingston Grammar School10 of 18
153219Upper Thames (Photo)WMasB-E (WMasD)14:29.128153Upper ThamesSee Handicap Results
154140King's College School (Omar)J1514:29.39154King's College School11 of 18
155143Reading Blue Coat School (Shimmin)J1514:30.49155Reading Blue Coat School12 of 18
156173University College London (Anand)N14:31.36156University College London8 of 16
157148London Oratory School (Quin)J1514:31.49157London Oratory School13 of 18
158129MaidenheadMasE14:32.313158Maidenhead6 of 8
159=114University of East Anglia (Paton)N14:33.76159=University of East Anglia(time only)
159=85KingstonMasD14:33.712159=Kingston6 of 6
161192Upper ThamesWIM314:33.923161Upper Thames6 of 23
162191Thames (McPherson)WIM214:35.522162Thames(time only)
163185University of Warwick (Crowe)WIM314:37.223163University of Warwick7 of 23
164181King's College LondonN14:37.56164King's College London9 of 16
165172Putney TownN14:38.76165Putney Town10 of 16
166223Lady Eleanor Holles School (Reddish)WJ1614:39.926166Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 4WJ16
167211St George's College (Palmer)WJ1814:40.425167St George's College2 of 4
168234Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1514:43.027168Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 5WJ15
169131BroxbourneMasE14:43.113169Broxbourne7 of 8
170160Lea BWIM214:43.722170Lea6 of 9
171197Putney TownWIM314:47.723171Putney Town8 of 23
172177Emanuel SchoolN14:49.06172Emanuel School11 of 16
173214Kingston GS / MoleseyWJ1814:49.825173Kingston GS / Molesey3 of 4
174237University of Bristol 1WN14:51.024174University of Bristol1 of 13WN
175215St George's College (Ballardie-Sheperd)MxdJ1814:51.79999175St George's College(time only)
176193Putney High SchoolWIM314:54.223176Putney High School9 of 23
177171VestaN14:56.26177Vesta12 of 16
178190University of East AngliaWIM314:58.123178University of East Anglia10 of 23
179217Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWMasB-E (WMasB)14:58.428179Mortlake Anglian & AlphaSee Handicap Results
180162BroxbourneWIM215:00.522180Broxbourne7 of 9
181=203Thames (Hines)WIM315:00.723181=Thames11 of 23
181=249Latymer Upper SchoolWN15:00.724181=Latymer Upper School(time only)
183154Dulwich College (Sampson)J1515:01.39183Dulwich College14 of 18
184176Team KeaneN15:01.76184Team Keane13 of 16
185228Lady Eleanor Holles School BWJ1815:02.125185Lady Eleanor Holles School(time only)
186207Wolfson College OxfordWIM315:02.223186Wolfson College Oxford12 of 23
187100Globe (Reader)IM315:05.45187Globe31 of 31
188198WorcesterWIM315:05.523188Worcester13 of 23
189201University of Warwick (Kapochkin)WIM315:05.723189University of Warwick14 of 23
190189Sons of the ThamesWIM315:09.823190Sons of the Thames15 of 23
191221Thames / TSS / BBL / Kingston / MAAWMasB-E (WMasE)15:11.528191Thames / TSS / BBL / Kingston / MAASee Handicap Results
192227St Paul's Girls School (Lewis)WJ1615:13.326192St Paul's Girls School2 of 4
193175CygnetN15:13.96193Cygnet14 of 16
194242Imperial CollegeWN15:14.524194Imperial College2 of 13
195164Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM215:15.122195Mortlake Anglian & Alpha8 of 9
196232St George's CollegeWJ1515:15.227196St George's College2 of 5
197240LeaWN15:20.124197Lea3 of 13
198236University College London (Howard)WN15:23.024198University College London4 of 13
199182University College London (Herrera)N15:24.76199University College London15 of 16
200224Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1615:26.026200Godolphin & Latymer School3 of 4
201206Auriol Kensington (Scott Moncrieff)WIM315:26.623201Auriol Kensington16 of 23
202204St George's HospitalWIM315:33.123202St George's Hospital17 of 23
20379Dulwich College (Du Parc Braham)J1615:34.98203Dulwich College11 of 11
204231KingstonWJ1515:38.027204Kingston3 of 5
205133Putney Town (Ridgley)MasE15:39.013205Putney Town8 of 8
206167Lea CWIM215:39.322206Lea9 of 9
207218Putney TownWMasB-E (WMasC)15:39.928207Putney TownSee Handicap Results
208187De Montfort UniversityWIM315:41.523208De Montfort University18 of 23
209239Worcester College OxfordWN15:47.324209Worcester College Oxford5 of 13
210208University College LondonWIM315:50.723210University College London19 of 23
211157Hampton School (Raisbeck)J1515:51.19211Hampton School15 of 18
212205HSBCWIM315:56.023212HSBC20 of 23
213183Roehampton UniversityN16:00.46213Roehampton University16 of 16
214244University of East AngliaWN16:01.424214University of East Anglia6 of 13
215248Nottingham UniversityWN16:03.024215Nottingham University7 of 13
216222St Paul's Girls School (McQueen)WJ1616:07.426216St Paul's Girls School4 of 4
217153Reading Blue Coat School (Smith)J1516:10.8 P9217Reading Blue Coat School16 of 18
218158London Oratory School (Choong)J1516:14.59218London Oratory School17 of 18
219145Emanuel SchoolJ1516:17.29219Emanuel School18 of 18
220209Parr's PrioryWIM316:21.723220Parr's Priory21 of 23
221202FurnivallWIM316:22.623221Furnivall22 of 23
222229Emanuel School (Gilbert)WJ1516:27.227222Emanuel School4 of 5
223243Roehampton UniversityWN16:34.924223Roehampton University8 of 13
224220Tideway Scullers SchoolWMasB-E (WMasE)16:39.428224Tideway Scullers SchoolSee Handicap Results
225246ThamesWN16:44.524225Thames9 of 13
226241King's College LondonWN16:44.624226King's College London10 of 13
227238Putney TownWN16:59.024227Putney Town11 of 13
228213Canford SchoolWJ1817:21.825228Canford School4 of 4
229247University of Bristol 2WN17:25.224229University of Bristol12 of 13
230194GlobeWIM317:38.823230Globe23 of 23
231245University College London (Gibson)WN17:44.624231University College London13 of 13
232235Emanuel School (Hogarth)WJ1517:47.127232Emanuel School5 of 5
75King's College SchoolJ16Scr.8Z075King's College School 
76Hampton School BJ16DNS8Z076Hampton School 
99University of West of EnglandIM3Scr.5Z099University of West of England 
144St George's College (Dalton)J15DNS9Z144St George's College 
156King's College School (Chami)J15DNS9Z156King's College School 
184University of Bristol (Lester)NScr.6Z184University of Bristol 
186Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM3DNS23Z186Barnes Bridge Ladies 
210Lady Eleanor Holles School (Van Der Eems)WJ18Scr.25Z210Lady Eleanor Holles School 
212St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ18DNS25Z212St Paul's Girls School 
225Barn ElmsWJ16Scr.26Z225Barn Elms 
226Canford SchoolWJ16DNS26Z226Canford School 
230Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ15DNS27Z230Kingston Grammar School 
233Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ15DNS27Z233Godolphin & Latymer School 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Crew 4 - Thames Senior (Dastardly) rowed for time only, because more than half the crew had changed. This made them ineligible for any prize, however our computer software initially showed the crew as winning the overall pennant. This has now been corrected.

Crew 1 - Quintin Elite was penalised for persistent disregard of direct instructions from marshals.

Crew 8 - Thames Senior (Muttley) changed to Elite (time only), because of overpointed substitutes.

Crew 9 - Molesey Senior was penalised for persistent disregard of direct instructions from marshals and dangerous crossing of the river during the race and into marshalling crews.

Crew 46 - St. George's College J18 (Defaux) was allowed to make a substitute who is a member of Tideway Scullers School. The crew raced as a St. George's College / Tideway Scullers School composite and for time only.

Crew 92 - Putney Town IM3 (McOrist) became IM2 (time only) because of overpointed substitutes.

Crew 104 - Gloucester IM3 was penalised for fouling crew 106.

Crew 114 - University of East Anglia IM3 (Paton) became N (time only) due to mistaken initial entry.

Crew 127 - Twickenham MasE was penalised for foul language.

Crew 153 - Reading Blue Coat School J15 was penalised for passing the wrong side of a navigation buoy.

Crew 155 - St Georges College J15 was penalised for passing the wrong side of a navigation buoy.

Crew 191 - Thames WIM3 (McPherson) changed to WIM2 (time only), because of overpointed substitutes.

Crew 215 (St George's Ballardie-Shepherd) changed from WJ18 to MxdJ18 (time only) . Due to illness in the crew a J15 boy had to be used as a substitute.


There were problems in reconciling our different time recording systems and photographic evidence, which have taken some time to resolve.

A time is now available for crew 172 which had been excluded from the provisional results.

The finish order had been recorded incorrectly for crews 124 to 127. Correcting this has produced significant changes to those crews' times and placings.

There are no other substantial changes, although some crews' times and in some cases places will be slightly different from the provisional results.

In particular, there are no changes to the pennant winners shown in the provisional results.

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