Quintin Head 2016 Final Results

Hammersmith Bridge to Chiswick Quay — Saturday, 23rd January 2016 at 11:00 am

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Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

15MoleseyS12:21.021Molesey1 of 7Overall & S
23University of LondonE12:23.412University of London1 of 3E
36Tideway Scullers SchoolS12:26.423Tideway Scullers School2 of 7
41Upper ThamesE12:31.514Upper Thames2 of 3
54Imperial CollegeS12:32.925Imperial College3 of 7
612St Paul's SchoolIM112:34.636St Paul's School1 of 5IM1
72Imperial CollegeE12:34.817Imperial College3 of 3
89LeaS12:43.928Lea4 of 7
911Imperial CollegeIM112:44.739Imperial College2 of 5
108Quintin (Photo)S12:46.8210Quintin5 of 7
1115MoleseyIM112:47.1311Molesey3 of 5
127University of LondonS12:49.0212University of London6 of 7
1320London 'GH'IM212:52.3413London1 of 13IM2
1437Westminster SchoolJ1812:55.6714Westminster School1 of 9J18
1514NottinghamIM112:58.3315Nottingham4 of 5
1622Abingdon SchoolIM212:59.5416Abingdon School2 of 13
1710Upper ThamesS13:01.4217Upper Thames7 of 7
1856University of Bristol (Clark)IM313:07.9518University of Bristol1 of 24IM3
1927London 'DP'IM213:08.4419London3 of 13
2013University of LondonIM113:09.2320University of London5 of 5
2133King's College SchoolJ1813:09.7721King's College School2 of 9
2217Tideway Scullers SchoolIM213:10.0422Tideway Scullers School4 of 13
2332St Paul's SchoolJ1813:12.5723St Paul's School3 of 9
2455Kingston Grammar School (Burden)IM313:14.4524Kingston Grammar School2 of 24
2553Auriol Kensington (Fitzgerald)IM313:14.8525Auriol Kensington3 of 24
2636Dulwich CollegeJ1813:15.4726Dulwich College4 of 9
2741LondonMasC13:18.01127London1 of 4MasC
2854Imperial CollegeIM313:19.7528Imperial College4 of 24
2931Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1813:24.3729Reading Blue Coat School5 of 9
3035Bedford Modern School (Mackay)J1813:25.9730Bedford Modern School6 of 9
3139Abingdon SchoolJ1813:26.2731Abingdon School7 of 9
3250Oxford UniversityWE13:28.11932Oxford University1 of 2Fastest women
3349Upper ThamesMasD13:28.41233Upper Thames1 of 5MasD
3448LondonMasD13:29.11234London2 of 5
3544CrabtreeMasC13:29.81135Crabtree2 of 4
3618LeaIM213:33.3436Lea5 of 13
3719Reading (Paterson)IM213:38.2437Reading6 of 13
3889King's College School 'Apples'J1613:41.4838King's College School1 of 8J16
3978Reading (Steel)IM213:41.6439Reading(time only)
4025CurlewIM213:41.7440Curlew7 of 13
4185Hampton SchoolJ1613:41.9841Hampton School2 of 8
4226Putney TownIM213:42.3442Putney Town8 of 13
4366LondonIM313:42.8543London5 of 24
4486Dulwich College (Wendler)J1613:43.3844Dulwich College3 of 8
4587St Paul's School 'Duck'J1613:43.6845St Paul's School4 of 8
4616Quintin (Caswell) (Photo)IM213:48.7446Quintin9 of 13
4723Parr's PrioryIM213:48.9447Parr's Priory10 of 13
4890St Paul's School 'Dive'J1613:49.2848St Paul's School5 of 8
4984MoleseyWS13:49.32049Molesey1 of 4WS
5059Sons of the Thames (Brinker)IM313:52.8550Sons of the Thames6 of 24
5142ThamesMasC13:55.51151Thames3 of 4
5251University of LondonWE13:55.81952University of London2 of 2
5338Emanuel SchoolJ1813:56.5753Emanuel School8 of 9
5474HSBCIM313:56.7554HSBC7 of 24
5581Oxford UniversityWS13:59.72055Oxford University2 of 4
5677Lady Margaret HallIM314:00.1556Lady Margaret Hall8 of 24
5770Imperial Coll Sch of MedicineIM314:00.3557Imperial Coll Sch of Medicine9 of 24
5852University College London (Frith)IM314:02.8558University College London10 of 24
5958St George's HospitalIM314:03.4559St George's Hospital11 of 24
6045Thames TradesmenMasD14:04.31260Thames Tradesmen3 of 5
6195Imperial CollegeWIM114:06.62161Imperial College1 of 5WIM1
6243MaidenheadMasC14:09.01162Maidenhead4 of 4
6375St Barts & Royal London HospsIM314:10.8563St Barts & Royal London Hosps12 of 24
6467Poplar Blackwall & DistrictIM314:11.6564Poplar Blackwall & District13 of 24
65=68Reading Blue Coat SchoolIM314:13.1565=Reading Blue Coat School14 of 24
65=122Westminster School XJ1514:13.1965=Westminster School1 of 14J15
6724Quintin (Pitt) (Photo)IM214:15.9467Quintin11 of 13
6882ThamesWS14:16.12068Thames3 of 4
6996ThamesWIM114:16.22169Thames2 of 5
7072University of Bristol (Gorner)IM314:17.2570University of Bristol15 of 24
7192St George's CollegeJ1614:17.3871St George's College6 of 8
7293King's College School 'Bears'IM314:19.2572King's College School(time only)
7371LeaIM314:22.1573Lea16 of 24
7483University of LondonWS14:23.42074University of London4 of 4
75135ThamesN14:24.0675Thames1 of 17N
76146Hampton SchoolN14:25.5676Hampton School2 of 17
7740Bedford Modern School (Bygraves)J1814:25.7777Bedford Modern School9 of 9
7899Tideway Scullers SchoolWIM114:27.02178Tideway Scullers School3 of 5
79107Quintin (Photo)MasF/H (MasF)14:27.31479QuintinSee Handicap Results
80110Tideway Scullers SchoolWIM214:27.62280Tideway Scullers School1 of 9WIM2
81127Latymer Upper SchoolJ1514:28.1981Latymer Upper School2 of 14
82104ThamesMasE14:29.51382Thames1 of 6MasE
8357University College London (Jansen)IM314:29.9583University College London17 of 24
8464Hampton SchoolIM314:31.2584Hampton School18 of 24
85188HenleyWJ1614:33.12685Henley1 of 4WJ16
8628BenthamIM214:36.7486Bentham12 of 13
87=46WeybridgeMasD14:38.21287=Weybridge4 of 5
87=119Dulwich College (Hughes)J1514:38.2987=Dulwich College3 of 14
8997LeaWIM114:40.52189Lea4 of 5
90138University College London (McDonald)N14:41.7690University College London3 of 17
9129GlobeIM214:42.5491Globe13 of 13
92136Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch 1N14:44.6692Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch4 of 17
93113Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWIM214:44.92293Lady Eleanor Holles School2 of 9
94155HenleyWJ1814:51.02594Henley1 of 6WJ18
9569Auriol Kensington (Mills)IM314:52.1595Auriol Kensington19 of 24
96148Emanuel School (Benton)N14:52.2696Emanuel School5 of 17
9760FurnivallIM314:52.3597Furnivall20 of 24
98159Auriol Kensington (Wood)WIM314:53.92398Auriol Kensington1 of 22WIM3
99115Putney TownWIM214:54.72299Putney Town3 of 9
100109Weybridge (Photo)MasF/H (MasH)14:56.114100WeybridgeSee Handicap Results
10176Parr's PrioryIM314:58.25101Parr's Priory21 of 24
10288Reading Blue Coat School (Thepaut)J1614:58.38102Reading Blue Coat School7 of 8
103220University of WarwickWN14:58.624103University of Warwick1 of 25WN
104170King's College LondonWIM314:59.623104King's College London2 of 22
10598Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM115:01.321105Mortlake Anglian & Alpha5 of 5
10663Queen Mary Univ of LondonIM315:02.55106Queen Mary Univ of London22 of 24
107101Tideway Scullers SchoolMasE15:02.613107Tideway Scullers School2 of 6
108102Putney Town (Desmond)MasE15:03.513108Putney Town3 of 6
109142University of Warwick (Hardman)N15:03.86109University of Warwick6 of 17
110160Upper ThamesWIM315:04.223110Upper Thames3 of 22
111141Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch 2N15:04.36111Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch7 of 17
112171University of Bristol (Beer)WIM315:07.223112University of Bristol4 of 22
113143Emanuel School (Rushton-Smith)N15:11.36113Emanuel School8 of 17
11465CygnetIM315:11.45114Cygnet23 of 24
115124King's College School (Keller)J1515:13.79115King's College School4 of 14
116106Mortlake Anglian & AlphaMasE15:14.113116Mortlake Anglian & Alpha4 of 6
117111VestaWIM215:15.822117Vesta4 of 9
118129Westminster School YJ1515:16.09118Westminster School5 of 14
119114FurnivallWIM215:17.522119Furnivall5 of 9
120183Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Photo)WMasC/E (WMasC)15:17.929120Mortlake Anglian & AlphaSee Handicap Results
121195Latymer Upper SchoolWJ1515:19.027121Latymer Upper School1 of 8WJ15
122117ReadingWIM215:20.522122Reading6 of 9
123197HenleyWJ1515:23.527123Henley2 of 8
124153Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1815:28.025124Godolphin & Latymer School2 of 6
125116Sons of the ThamesWIM215:29.822125Sons of the Thames7 of 9
126211Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWN15:30.124126Lady Eleanor Holles School2 of 25
127=150University of Warwick (Semple)N15:30.7 P6127=University of Warwick9 of 17
127=176Barnes Bridge LadiesWIM315:30.723127=Barnes Bridge Ladies5 of 22
129156Emanuel SchoolWJ1815:31.325129Emanuel School3 of 6
130190Latymer Upper SchoolWJ1615:31.426130Latymer Upper School2 of 4
131121London Oratory School (Jinks)J1515:32.39131London Oratory School6 of 14
132126Dulwich College (Gupta)J1515:33.29132Dulwich College7 of 14
133187Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1615:34.526133Lady Eleanor Holles School3 of 4
134157St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1815:35.625134St Paul's Girls School4 of 6
13547CygnetMasD15:35.812135Cygnet5 of 5
136152Ross / Hereford / AB SevernWIM315:36.323136Ross / Hereford / AB Severn(time only)
13773Sons of the Thames (Watson)IM315:37.75137Sons of the Thames24 of 24
138103Bristol Ariel / City of BristolMasE15:40.313138Bristol Ariel / City of Bristol5 of 6
139179University of Bristol (Tijssen)WIM315:41.823139University of Bristol6 of 22
140125Reading Blue Coat School (North)J1515:43.3 P9140Reading Blue Coat School8 of 14
141112LeaWIM215:45.822141Lea8 of 9
142154Bedford Modern SchoolWJ1815:48.125142Bedford Modern School5 of 6
143162University of East AngliaWIM315:48.223143University of East Anglia7 of 22
144145University of Bristol (Foster)N15:49.1 P6144University of Bristol10 of 17
14594Reading Blue Coat School (Corbin)J1615:49.88145Reading Blue Coat School8 of 8
146223Thames (Loughnane)WN15:49.924146Thames3 of 25
147163Wolfson College OxfordWIM315:54.423147Wolfson College Oxford8 of 22
148214Wolfson College OxfordWN15:57.124148Wolfson College Oxford4 of 25
149189RossWJ1615:57.226149Ross4 of 4
150123Kingston Grammar School (Creber Jono)J1516:00.09150Kingston Grammar School9 of 14
151144WeybridgeN16:00.46151Weybridge11 of 17
152137Imperial CollegeN16:03.06152Imperial College12 of 17
153108Auriol KensingtonMasF/H (MasF)16:03.714153Auriol KensingtonSee Handicap Results
154161University of WarwickWIM316:05.123154University of Warwick9 of 22
155191Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1516:05.327155Lady Eleanor Holles School3 of 8
156180CurlewWIM316:07.123156Curlew10 of 22
157204Thames (Power)WN16:07.324157Thames5 of 25
158175Team KeaneWIM316:10.323158Team Keane11 of 22
159181Bewl BridgeMxdMasE16:10.849159Bewl Bridge1 of 1
160173LeaWIM316:13.723160Lea12 of 22
161120St George's CollegeJ1516:14.3 P9161St George's College10 of 14
162147Quintin (Photo)N16:16.46162Quintin13 of 17
163217Latymer Upper SchoolWN16:16.724163Latymer Upper School6 of 25
164182Putney TownWMasC/E (WMasC)16:17.529164Putney TownSee Handicap Results
165105Putney Town (Wills)MasE16:18.213165Putney Town6 of 6
166169FurnivallWIM316:20.523166Furnivall13 of 22
167165Auriol Kensington (Garner)WIM316:20.723167Auriol Kensington14 of 22
168225WeybridgeWN16:21.624168Weybridge7 of 25
169151Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1816:21.925169Lady Eleanor Holles School6 of 6
170178ReadingWIM316:22.123170Reading15 of 22
171199University of Bristol (Verhey)WN16:22.924171University of Bristol8 of 25
172193Emanuel SchoolWJ1516:28.927172Emanuel School4 of 8
173210Royal Veterinary CollegeWN16:31.424173Royal Veterinary College9 of 25
174132Dulwich College (Braybrook)J1516:32.39174Dulwich College11 of 14
175174Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWIM316:36.523175Mortlake Anglian & Alpha16 of 22
176167HSBCWIM316:37.223176HSBC17 of 22
177130Reading Blue Coat School (Peters)J1516:38.49177Reading Blue Coat School12 of 14
178158Imperial CollegeWIM316:39.923178Imperial College18 of 22
179166St George's HospitalWIM316:40.623179St George's Hospital19 of 22
180198Putney High SchoolWJ1516:43.727180Putney High School5 of 8
181172Emanuel SchoolWIM316:44.323181Emanuel School20 of 22
182185WeybridgeWMasC/E (WMasE)16:44.429182WeybridgeSee Handicap Results
183140VestaN16:45.46183Vesta14 of 17
184=149University College London (Dawood)N16:51.76184=University College London15= of 17
184=139Putney TownN16:51.76184=Putney Town15= of 17
186128London Oratory School (Bentivoglio)J1516:52.09186London Oratory School13 of 14
187219Poplar Blackwall & DistrictWN16:56.324187Poplar Blackwall & District10 of 25
188222Queen Mary Univ of LondonWN16:58.124188Queen Mary Univ of London11 of 25
189194Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ1517:01.2 P27189Kingston Grammar School6 of 8
190196St Paul's Girls SchoolWJ1517:01.427190St Paul's Girls School7 of 8
191215St Paul's Girls SchoolWN17:04.924191St Paul's Girls School12 of 25
192168Parr's PrioryWIM317:05.423192Parr's Priory21 of 22
193133Kingston Grammar School (Aryan Parry)J1517:05.69193Kingston Grammar School14 of 14
194212Emanuel SchoolWN17:06.724194Emanuel School13 of 25
195186MarlowWMasC/E (WMasE)17:06.829195MarlowSee Handicap Results
196184Tideway Scullers SchoolWMasC/E (WMasE)17:09.329196Tideway Scullers SchoolSee Handicap Results
19721Bristol ArielWIM217:11.122197Bristol Ariel9 of 9
198202University of East AngliaWN17:13.224198University of East Anglia14 of 25
199201University College London (Bates-Brownsword)WN17:15.6 P24199University College London15 of 25
200192St George's CollegeWJ1517:17.627200St George's College8 of 8
201207University of Bristol (Roberts)WN17:19.824201University of Bristol16 of 25
202218Auriol KensingtonWN17:22.624202Auriol Kensington17 of 25
203206Putney Town (Smith)WN17:25.024203Putney Town18 of 25
204216LYR Tradesmen / London Youth RowingWN17:25.624204LYR Tradesmen / London Youth Rowing19 of 25
205221Vesta (Parris)WN17:37.824205Vesta20 of 25
206209Vesta (Palamarczuk)WN17:47.324206Vesta21 of 25
207164Sons of the ThamesWIM317:48.023207Sons of the Thames22 of 22
208200LeaWN17:49.024208Lea22 of 25
209134University of Bristol (Allen)N18:02.3 P6209University of Bristol17 of 17
210205King's College LondonWN18:27.424210King's College London23 of 25
211208University College London (Benga)WN18:46.724211University College London24 of 25
212224Putney Town (Millar)WN19:02.524212Putney Town25 of 25
30Latymer Upper SchoolJ18DNS7Z030Latymer Upper School 
34St George's CollegeJ18Scr.7Z034St George's College 
61St Paul's SchoolIM3Scr.5Z061St Paul's School 
62Kingston Grammar School 2IM3Scr.5Z062Kingston Grammar School 
91Dulwich College (Sampson)J16DNS8Z091Dulwich College 
100University of LondonWIM1Scr.21Z100University of London 
131King's College School BJ15DNS9Z131King's College School 
203Roehampton UniversityWNScr.24Z203Roehampton University 
213Kingston Grammar SchoolWNScr.24Z213Kingston Grammar School 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Crew 78: Reading (Steel) - category changed from IM3 to IM2 (time only) through substitution due to illness and/or injury.

Crew 93: King's College School 'Bears' - category changed from J16 to IM3 (time only) through substitution due to illness and injury.

Crew 120 - St George's College J15 penalised for fouling another crew.

Crew 125 - Reading Blue Coat School (North) J15 penalised for steering inside a navigation buoy.

Crew 134 - University of Bristol (Allen) N penalised for fouling another crew.

Crew 145 - University of Bristol (Foster) N penalised for steering inside a navigation buoy.

Crew 150 - University of Warwick (Semple) N penalised for steering inside a navigation buoy.

Crew 152: Ross / Hereford / AB Severn - category changed from WJ18 to WIM3 (time only) through substitution due to illness and/or injury.

Crew 194 - Kingston Grammar School WJ15 penalised for steering inside a navigation buoy.

Crew 201 - University College London (Bates-Brownsword) WN penalised for fouling another crew.

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