Quintin Head 2019 Final Results

University Post, Chiswick to Harrods Wharf — Sunday, 27th January 2019 at 10:00 am

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

11Imperial College AOp Champ11:48.821Imperial College1 of 11Overall & Op Champ
23Thames (Hurley)Op Champ11:51.722Thames2 of 11
32St Paul's SchoolOp Champ11:56.123St Paul's School3 of 11
46University of London AOp Champ11:59.724University of London4 of 11
55Tideway Scullers SchoolOp Champ12:09.625Tideway Scullers School5 of 11
620Molesey (Varley)Op Senior12:09.836Molesey1 of 14Op Senior
74Lea (Skinner)Op Champ12:10.627Lea6 of 11
87Thames (Traeger)Op Champ12:14.728Thames7 of 11
98Imperial College BOp Champ12:15.029Imperial College8 of 11
109Kingston 1Op Champ12:16.0210Kingston9 of 11
11=32Shiplake College 'Lake'J1812:21.0611=Shiplake College1 of 11J18
11=23Oxford University Lightweight AOp Senior12:21.0311=Oxford University Lightweight2 of 14
1312Thames (Sloan)Op Senior12:28.2313Thames3 of 14
1415University of Bristol (Smith)Op Senior12:28.4314University of Bristol4 of 14
1514University of London BOp Senior12:28.5315University of London5 of 14
1630Westminster School 'Ski Sunday'J1812:29.9616Westminster School2 of 11
1716Abingdon SchoolOp Senior12:30.5317Abingdon School6 of 14
1831King's College SchoolJ1812:32.0618King's College School3 of 11
1918Upper ThamesOp Senior12:33.2319Upper Thames7 of 14
2053Cambridge 99 (Tarling)Op Inter12:33.9420Cambridge 991 of 23Op Inter
2194Westminster School 'The One?'J1612:38.8721Westminster School1 of 14J16
2255City of Bristol (Hutchings)Op Inter12:39.9422City of Bristol2 of 23
2329St Paul's School 2J1812:41.5623St Paul's School4 of 11
2425Molesey (Cowley)Op Senior12:41.9324Molesey8 of 14
25117GrantaOp Devel12:42.1525Granta1 of 24Op Devel
2622University of London COp Senior12:43.9326University of London9 of 14
2733Norwich SchoolJ1812:44.1627Norwich School5 of 11
2824University of Warwick (Parr)Op Senior12:46.1328University of Warwick10 of 14
2950NottinghamOp Inter12:49.5429Nottingham3 of 23
3047Vesta (King)Op Inter12:50.6430Vesta4 of 23
3137Westminster School 'SW2B'J1812:50.7631Westminster School6 of 11
3251City of OxfordOp Inter12:52.3432City of Oxford5 of 23
3326MarlowOp Senior12:53.8333Marlow11 of 14
3428QuintinOp Senior12:54.0334Quintin12 of 14
3544Putney Town (Duncomb)Op Inter12:57.7435Putney Town6 of 23
3627London (Trewin Marshall)Op Senior12:58.1336London13 of 14
37=41St George's College 'Politesse'J1812:59.3637=St George's College7 of 11
37=10UL Tyrian 'Clarke'Op Champ12:59.3237=UL Tyrian10 of 11
3963Auriol Kensington (Lonsdale)Op Inter13:00.0439Auriol Kensington7 of 23
40118ChristchurchOp Devel13:00.5540Christchurch2 of 24
4136Reading Blue Coat School AJ1813:00.8641Reading Blue Coat School8 of 11
4246City of Bristol (Wadsworth)Op Inter13:01.2442City of Bristol8 of 23
4311UL Tyrian 'Clerke'Op Champ13:02.1243UL Tyrian11 of 11
4421King's College SchoolOp Senior13:02.6344King's College School14 of 14
4591Upper ThamesMasC13:03.11045Upper Thames1 of 4MasC
4654Imperial College COp Inter13:06.2446Imperial College9 of 23
4748University of Bristol (Samarji)Op Inter13:08.9447University of Bristol10 of 23
4838Emanuel School (Olby)J1813:10.1648Emanuel School9 of 11
4945Lea (Yapp)Op Inter13:11.0449Lea11 of 23
5067Cambridge University Women (Horvat)W Champ13:12.41950Cambridge University Women1 of 7Fastest women
& W Champ
51120Vesta (Wade)Op Devel13:12.7551Vesta3 of 24
5261Reading (Lee)Op Inter13:13.1452Reading12 of 23
5357BroxbourneOp Inter13:14.2453Broxbourne13 of 23
5495Shiplake CollegeJ1613:14.3754Shiplake College2 of 14
5558Barts & The London (Durbidge)Op Inter13:14.4455Barts & The London14 of 23
5696St Paul's SchoolJ1613:15.0756St Paul's School3 of 14
5790LondonMasC13:15.51057London2 of 4
58122Lea (Broad)Op Devel13:18.1558Lea4 of 24
5968University of London AW Champ13:18.41959University of London2 of 7
60121Oxford University Lightweight (Lamb)Op Devel13:19.0560Oxford University Lightweight5 of 24
6149London (Meredith)Op Inter13:20.5461London15 of 23
62143LondonMasE13:23.71262London1 of 9MasE
6397Norwich SchoolJ1613:24.2763Norwich School4 of 14
6459Norwich SchoolOp Inter13:24.6464Norwich School16 of 23
65=52University of Warwick (Dawson)Op Inter13:25.3465=University of Warwick17 of 23
65=108Upper Thames / HenleyMasD13:25.31165=Upper Thames / Henley1 of 8MasD
6756Auriol Kensington (Mearing-Smith)Op Inter13:25.4467Auriol Kensington18 of 23
6892ThamesMasC13:28.11068Thames3 of 4
6999Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1613:28.4769Reading Blue Coat School5 of 14
70103Abingdon School 'Isaac'J1613:29.3770Abingdon School6 of 14
7177Cambridge University Women (Perez Rotondo)W Senior13:31.42071Cambridge University Women1 of 9W Senior
7234St George's College 'Doucer'J1813:32.7672St George's College10 of 11
7398Abingdon School 'Newton'J1613:34.2773Abingdon School7 of 14
74146Star / BedfordMasE13:34.41274Star / Bedford2 of 9
7560Vesta (Casey)Op Inter13:36.5475Vesta19 of 23
76116King's College LondonOp Devel13:38.4576King's College London6 of 24
7779Imperial College AW Senior13:38.62077Imperial College2 of 9
7870Thames (Rogerson)W Champ13:42.41978Thames3 of 7
79105King's College SchoolJ1613:43.0779King's College School8 of 14
8066Bedford Modern SchoolOp Inter13:43.3 P480Bedford Modern School20 of 23
81=125Cambridge 99 (Anderson)Op Devel13:46.8581=Cambridge 997 of 24
81=147Upper ThamesMasE13:46.81281=Upper Thames3 of 9
83124Furnivall (Thomas)Op Devel13:47.9583Furnivall8 of 24
8462HSBCOp Inter13:49.6484HSBC21 of 23
8564Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch M1Op Inter13:49.8485Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch22 of 23
8674Vesta (Orrell)W Champ13:50.11986Vesta4 of 7
87101Westminster School 'If only'J1613:50.3787Westminster School9 of 14
8873University of London BW Champ13:50.51988University of London5 of 7
89186MarlowWJ1813:51.42389Marlow1 of 10WJ18
9087VestaMasB13:52.1990Vesta1 of 3MasB
91148Peterborough City / LincolnMasE13:53.11291Peterborough City / Lincoln4 of 9
92171King's College School BJ1513:53.2892King's College School1 of 15J15
9372Lea (Futoryanova)W Champ13:54.11993Lea6 of 7
94100Dulwich CollegeJ1613:54.8794Dulwich College10 of 14
95127Imperial College 'Novice A'Op Devel13:55.6595Imperial College9 of 24
96132Reading (Pepper)Op Devel13:58.0596Reading10 of 24
97123London Otters (Arce-Vargas)Op Devel13:58.2597London Otters11 of 24
98=184Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1813:59.62398=Lady Eleanor Holles School2= of 10
98=182Tideway Scullers SchoolWJ1813:59.62398=Tideway Scullers School2= of 10
10081Thames (Fuller)W Senior14:00.020100Thames3 of 9
101193Nottinghamshire CountyW Inter14:00.121101Nottinghamshire County1 of 15W Inter
102144AbingdonMasE14:00.212102Abingdon5 of 9
103115ReadingMasD14:00.611103Reading2 of 8
104198Maidstone Invicta (O'Brien)W Inter14:01.121104Maidstone Invicta2 of 15
105160Star / BedfordMasG14:01.714105Star / Bedford1 of 3MasG
106158Tideway Scullers School (McChesney)MasE14:02.112106Tideway Scullers School(time only)
10786Cambridge University Women (Brett)W Senior14:05.920107Cambridge University Women4 of 9
108165Latymer Upper School 'Barry'J1514:06.28108Latymer Upper School2 of 15
109130Oxford AcademicalsOp Devel14:07.85109Oxford Academicals12 of 24
11069University of Bristol (Dixon)W Champ14:08.519110University of Bristol7 of 7
111153WeybridgeMasF14:08.813111Weybridge1 of 5MasF
112213MarlowWJ1614:10.024112Marlow1 of 8WJ16
11375Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Hudson)W Senior14:10.520113Mortlake Anglian & Alpha5 of 9
11484City of Bristol (Bloom)W Senior14:11.220114City of Bristol6 of 9
115164Westminster SchoolJ1514:12.88115Westminster School3 of 15
116104Bedford Modern SchoolJ1614:13.77116Bedford Modern School11 of 14
11765Putney Town (Chadwick)Op Inter14:14.64117Putney Town23 of 23
118163King's College School AJ1514:15.18118King's College School4 of 15
119194Mortlake Anglian & Alpha (Gowan)W Inter14:15.521119Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 15
120154Tideway Scullers School (Shea)MasF14:16.313120Tideway Scullers School2 of 5
121102St George's CollegeJ1614:17.37121St George's College12 of 14
122107Team KeaneJ1614:17.97122Team Keane13 of 14
123172Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1514:18.08123Reading Blue Coat School5 of 15
124109Sons of the ThamesMasD14:18.311124Sons of the Thames3 of 8
125205KingstonW Inter14:18.521125Kingston4 of 15
126111Thames Tradesmen'sMasD14:18.811126Thames Tradesmen's4 of 8
127=180Putney High SchoolWJ1814:21.023127=Putney High School4 of 10
127=136London School of EconomicsOp Devel14:21.05127=London School of Economics13 of 24
129191University of Bristol (Cox)W Inter14:21.421129University of Bristol5 of 15
130166Norwich School DJ1514:21.78130Norwich School6 of 15
131129Vesta (Davies)Op Devel14:22.45131Vesta14 of 24
132113Putney TownMasD14:22.811132Putney Town5 of 8
133=201NottinghamW Inter14:23.621133=Nottingham6 of 15
133=134Vesta (Corney)Op Devel14:23.65133=Vesta15 of 24
135181Godolphin & Latymer School 'Marvel'WJ1814:24.823135Godolphin & Latymer School5 of 10
136156TwickenhamMasF14:25.513136Twickenham3 of 5
137192Putney Town (Bevan)W Inter14:26.621137Putney Town7 of 15
138173St Paul's School YJ1514:27.88138St Paul's School7 of 15
139=106American School in LondonJ1614:29.47139=American School in London14 of 14
139=110KingstonMasD14:29.411139=Kingston6 of 8
141174Norwich School CJ1514:29.68141Norwich School8 of 15
142167St Paul's School XJ1514:30.68142St Paul's School9 of 15
14382Vesta (Williams)W Senior14:30.720143Vesta7 of 9
144112BroxbourneMasD14:31.311144Broxbourne7 of 8
14583Auriol Kensington (Griffin)W Senior14:31.520145Auriol Kensington8 of 9
14680Lea (Murphy)W Senior14:31.920146Lea9 of 9
147183Emanuel School (Trew)WJ1814:33.923147Emanuel School6 of 10
148222City of Bristol (Irons)W Devel14:36.522148City of Bristol1 of 23W Devel
149220St George's CollegeW Devel14:37.422149St George's College2 of 23
150155ReadingMasF14:37.513150Reading4 of 5
151142University College London (Van Schie)Op Devel14:38.85151University College London16 of 24
152161Mortlake Anglian & AlphaMasG14:39.014152Mortlake Anglian & Alpha2 of 3
153140Imperial College 'Novice B'Op Devel14:39.95153Imperial College17 of 24
154212Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Remain'WJ1614:40.324154Lady Eleanor Holles School2 of 8
155177St Paul's School ZJ1514:44.28155St Paul's School10 of 15
156246Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ1514:44.425156Lady Eleanor Holles School1 of 7WJ15
157199Thames (Gulley)W Inter14:46.421157Thames8 of 15
15843Emanuel School (Jimack)J1814:47.06158Emanuel School11 of 11
159214Putney High SchoolWJ1614:48.024159Putney High School3 of 8
160168St George's College 'Wave'J1514:48.38160St George's College11 of 15
161195King's College London 'Pickle'W Inter14:48.521161King's College London9 of 15
162243HenleyWJ1514:48.625162Henley2 of 7
163145Marlow (Cartwright)MasE14:50.612163Marlow6 of 9
164135Auriol Kensington (Dovis)Op Devel14:51.75164Auriol Kensington18 of 24
16589Sons of the Thames / ShorehamMasB14:53.39165Sons of the Thames / Shoreham2 of 3
166247MarlowWJ1514:53.925166Marlow3 of 7
167200Vesta (Baulkwill)W Inter14:54.421167Vesta10 of 15
168218Barn ElmsWJ1614:54.624168Barn Elms4 of 8
169209Mortlake Anglian & AlphaWMasB-E (WMasD)14:55.126169Mortlake Anglian & AlphaSee Handicap Results
170204Barnes Bridge Ladies (Bakkeren)W Inter14:58.521170Barnes Bridge Ladies11 of 15
171196Barnes Bridge Ladies (Richardson)W Inter14:59.021171Barnes Bridge Ladies12 of 15
172114Vesta / Twickenham / HSBCMasD14:59.411172Vesta / Twickenham / HSBC8 of 8
173157Putney TownMasF14:59.813173Putney Town5 of 5
174224Cambridge 99W Devel15:00.222174Cambridge 993 of 23
17593Oxford AcademicalsMasC15:01.710175Oxford Academicals4 of 4
176206ThamesWMasB-E (WMasB)15:01.926176ThamesSee Handicap Results
177244Putney High School 'Dumblepaw'WJ1515:03.725177Putney High School4 of 7
178152Team KeaneMasE15:04.912178Team Keane7 of 9
179216Emanuel SchoolWJ1615:10.424179Emanuel School5 of 8
180150GuildfordMasE15:10.612180Guildford8 of 9
181197MarlowW Inter15:10.721181Marlow13 of 15
182169Emanuel SchoolJ1515:10.88182Emanuel School12 of 15
183223Royal Free & Univ Coll Med SchW Devel15:11.622183Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch4 of 23
184128CygnetOp Devel15:14.15184Cygnet19 of 24
185=188Emanuel School (Evans)WJ1815:14.223185=Emanuel School7 of 10
185=245Latymer Upper School (Suarez)WJ1515:14.225185=Latymer Upper School5 of 7
187162Cygnet / Tideway ScullersMasG15:18.114187Cygnet / Tideway Scullers3 of 3
188203University College London (Riggall)W Inter15:19.821188University College London14 of 15
189202Sons of the ThamesW Inter15:22.621189Sons of the Thames15 of 15
190217Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Leave'WJ1615:23.624190Lady Eleanor Holles School6 of 8
191225Wolfson College Oxford (Dunham)W Devel15:27.322191Wolfson College Oxford5 of 23
192187Godolphin & Latymer School 'Thanos'WJ1815:29.023192Godolphin & Latymer School8 of 10
19388Parr's PrioryMasB15:29.19193Parr's Priory3 of 3
194151Marlow (King)MasF15:30.413194Marlow(time only)
195211MarlowWMasB-E (WMasE)15:31.226195MarlowSee Handicap Results
196190City of OxfordWJ1815:32.723196City of Oxford9 of 10
197236University College London (Mathews)W Devel15:32.822197University College London6 of 23
198215St Paul's Girls' School (Coats)WJ1615:35.924198St Paul's Girls' School7 of 8
199221FurnivallW Devel15:36.222199Furnivall7 of 23
200232Maidstone Invicta (Logue)W Devel15:37.422200Maidstone Invicta8 of 23
201235ChristchurchW Devel15:37.822201Christchurch9 of 23
202175Latymer Upper School 'Larry'J1515:39.08202Latymer Upper School13 of 15
203208MarlowWMasB-E (WMasD)15:40.826203MarlowSee Handicap Results
204137Barts & The London (Deighton)Op Devel15:41.65204Barts & The London20 of 24
205227Lea (Burrell)W Devel15:42.322205Lea10 of 23
206210Team KeaneWMasB-E (WMasD)15:44.526206Team KeaneSee Handicap Results
207207Putney TownWMasB-E (WMasC)15:46.426207Putney TownSee Handicap Results
208133London Otters (Bonnett)Op Devel15:46.75208London Otters21 of 24
209233Wolfson College Oxford (Inverarity)W Devel15:47.222209Wolfson College Oxford11 of 23
210248St George's CollegeWJ1515:49.225210St George's College6 of 7
211228University of Warwick (MacElvogue)W Devel15:50.622211University of Warwick12 of 23
212141Team KeaneOp Devel15:52.45212Team Keane22 of 24
213237Vesta (Blesing)W Devel15:58.522213Vesta13 of 23
214230Auriol Kensington (Cyr)W Devel16:00.322214Auriol Kensington14 of 23
215149Auriol KensingtonMasE16:02.612215Auriol Kensington9 of 9
216249Putney High School 'Scamandpaw'WJ1516:04.225216Putney High School7 of 7
217176King's College School CJ1516:06.48217King's College School14 of 15
218234Team KeaneW Devel16:06.822218Team Keane15 of 23
219229King's College London 'Rye'W Devel16:10.422219King's College London16 of 23
220178St George's College 'Smile'J1516:14.68220St George's College15 of 15
221226Barts & The LondonW Devel16:19.622221Barts & The London17 of 23
222241University of Warwick (Robertson)W Devel16:40.922222University of Warwick18 of 23
223189Team KeaneWJ1816:41.623223Team Keane10 of 10
224231Queen Mary Univ of LondonW Devel16:46.222224Queen Mary Univ of London19 of 23
225238Imperial College 'Novice'W Devel16:48.222225Imperial College20 of 23
226219St Paul's Girls' School (Nguyen)WJ1616:52.624226St Paul's Girls' School8 of 8
227138Furnivall BOp Devel17:19.45227Furnivall23 of 24
228239Putney Town 'Novice'W Devel17:44.522228Putney Town21 of 23
229240Queen Mary / BartsW Devel17:59.822229Queen Mary / Barts22 of 23
230242University College London (Connolly)W Devel18:12.122230University College London23 of 23
231139London Otters (Rose)Op Devel18:14.15231London Otters24 of 24
13Molesey (Cassells)Op ChampDisq.2Z013Molesey 
17Oriel College OxfordOp SeniorScr.3Z017Oriel College Oxford 
19Kingston 2Op SeniorScr.3Z019Kingston 
35Abingdon SchoolJ18Scr.6Z035Abingdon School 
39Shiplake College 'Ship'J18DNS6Z039Shiplake College 
40St Paul's School 3J18DNS6Z040St Paul's School 
42Reading Blue Coat School BJ18Scr.6Z042Reading Blue Coat School 
71Molesey (Primmer)W ChampScr.19Z071Molesey 
76Molesey (Weatherhead)W SeniorDNS20Z076Molesey 
78CantabrigianW SeniorScr.20Z078Cantabrigian 
85Molesey (Murphy)W SeniorScr.20Z085Molesey 
119University College London (Slaughter)Op DevelDNS5Z119University College London 
126Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch M2Op DevelDNS5Z126Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch 
131University College London (Robinson-Boulton)Op DevelDNS5Z131University College London 
159Quintin / KingstonMasGDisq.14Z159Quintin / Kingston 
170Latymer Upper School 'Garry'J15DNS8Z170Latymer Upper School 
179Latymer Upper School 'Harry'J15DNS8Z179Latymer Upper School 
185St Paul's Girls' SchoolWJ18DNF23Z185St Paul's Girls' School 
250Latymer Upper School (Bourette)J15Scr.8Z250Latymer Upper School 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Westminster School were the winners of the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize for boys with an aggregate time of 39 min. 21.5 sec.

Marlow Rowing Club were the winners of the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize for girls with an aggregate time of 42 min. 55.3 sec.

Crew 66 - Bedford Modern School Op Inter were penalised for paddling firm in the marshalling area.

Crew 159 - Quintin / Kingston MasG were disqualified for swearing at another crew.

Crew 158 - Tideway Scullers School (McChesney) MasF changed to MasE (time only) due to substitution.

Crew 13 - Molesey (Cassells) Op Champ were disqualified for racing with undisclosed substitutes due to an administrative error.

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