Quintin Head 2020 Final Results

Hammersmith to Chiswick Staithe — Saturday, 25th January 2020 at 12:15 pm

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Crews shoot Barnes Bridge

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Cat. Posn.

Pennant Winner

13Oxford Brookes University AOp Champ13:25.921Oxford Brookes University1 of 13Overall & Op Champ
26Oxford Brookes University BOp Champ13:54.122Oxford Brookes University2 of 13
312Oxford Brookes University DOp Champ14:00.823Oxford Brookes University3 of 13
41Imperial College AOp Champ14:01.224Imperial College4 of 13
59Oxford Brookes University COp Champ14:01.825Oxford Brookes University5 of 13
62University of London AOp Champ14:04.526University of London6 of 13
75City of Oxford CollegeOp Champ14:10.127City of Oxford College7 of 13
847Oxford Brookes University EOp Inter 114:15.548Oxford Brookes University1 of 12Op Inter 1
989HenleyOp Inter 214:18.859Henley(time only)
1093GrantaOp Inter 214:22.2510Granta1 of 11Op Inter 2
1113Oxford University Lwt 1Op Champ14:25.6211Oxford University Lwt8 of 13
1217IsisOp Senior14:26.0312Isis1 of 9Op Senior
1329Shiplake College (Focosi)J1814:26.2713Shiplake College1 of 17J18
1418Upper ThamesOp Senior14:26.3314Upper Thames2 of 9
157King's College SchoolOp Champ14:26.6215King's College School9 of 13
1643City of Bristol (Wadsworth)Op Inter 114:28.6416City of Bristol2 of 12
1710Imperial College BOp Champ14:31.8217Imperial College10 of 13
184St Paul's SchoolOp Champ14:32.5218St Paul's School11 of 13
1932St Edward's School (Byas)J1814:34.4719St Edward's School2 of 17
2023Westminster School 'Red'J1814:34.7720Westminster School3 of 17
218Kingston 1Op Champ14:35.8221Kingston12 of 13
2225Radley College (Nielsen)J1814:36.3722Radley College4 of 17
2316University of Bristol (Smith)Op Senior14:36.9323University of Bristol3 of 9
24=33Hampton SchoolJ1814:37.3724=Hampton School5 of 17
24=19London AOp Senior14:37.3324=London4 of 9
2615Lea (Skinner)Op Senior14:40.0326Lea5 of 9
2714Quintin 1Op Senior14:40.5 P327Quintin6 of 9
2824Shiplake College (Boret)J1814:41.2728Shiplake College6 of 17
2911University of London BOp Champ14:41.4229University of London13 of 13
3051City of Bristol (Scrimshaw)Op Inter 114:46.2430City of Bristol3 of 12
3137St Edward's School (Drennan)J1814:47.2731St Edward's School7 of 17
3221MoleseyOp Senior14:51.7332Molesey7 of 9
3344University of London COp Inter 114:53.1433University of London4 of 12
3445Marlow (Mitchell)Op Inter 114:53.2434Marlow5 of 12
3554Vesta (Cazzoli)Op Inter 114:53.6435Vesta6 of 12
3648Vesta (Webb)Op Inter 114:54.1436Vesta7 of 12
3795University of Bristol (Jain)Op Inter 214:57.5537University of Bristol2 of 11
3890NottinghamOp Inter 214:58.4538Nottingham3 of 11
3946London BOp Inter 115:01.8439London8 of 12
40115Upper ThamesMasDE (MasD)15:02.01240Upper ThamesSee Handicap Results
4157University of London AW Champ15:02.62041University of London1 of 10Fastest women
& W Champ
4259Oxford Brookes University (Ferguson)W Champ15:03.92042Oxford Brookes University2 of 10
4394Marlow (McCoriston)Op Inter 215:04.2543Marlow4 of 11
4426St Paul's SchoolJ1815:05.3744St Paul's School8 of 17
4592Imperial College COp Inter 215:06.4545Imperial College5 of 11
4667King's College School 'Reds'J1615:07.4846King's College School1 of 10J16
4730St George's College 'Politesse'J1815:08.8747St George's College9 of 17
4822Oxford University Lwt 2Op Senior15:10.2348Oxford University Lwt8 of 9
4975Shiplake CollegeJ1615:11.6849Shiplake College2 of 10
5052Putney TownOp Inter 115:11.9450Putney Town9 of 12
5134Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1815:13.4751Reading Blue Coat School10 of 17
52101Lea (Smith)Op Inter 215:14.0552Lea6 of 11
5361Oxford University Women AW Champ15:14.12053Oxford University Women3 of 10
5427Latymer Upper SchoolJ1815:14.3754Latymer Upper School11 of 17
5583London (Van Tiel)MasC15:16.91155London1 of 7MasC
56103King's College CambridgeOp Inter 215:17.7556King's College Cambridge7 of 11
5753CurlewOp Inter 115:19.5457Curlew10 of 12
5880LondonMasB15:20.71058London1 of 3MasB
5960Cambridge University Women (Simkens)W Champ15:21.02059Cambridge University Women4 of 10
6079VestaMasB15:21.21060Vesta2 of 3
6120Kingston 2Op Senior15:23.1 P361Kingston9 of 9
6239Emanuel SchoolJ1815:23.5762Emanuel School12 of 17
63104University of London BW Senior15:23.82163University of London1 of 11W Senior
64100Oriel College OxfordOp Inter 215:24.5564Oriel College Oxford8 of 11
6550University of Warwick (Parr)Op Inter 115:27.6465University of Warwick11 of 12
6636Bedford Modern School 1J1815:29.0766Bedford Modern School13 of 17
6782Upper ThamesMasC15:29.6 P1167Upper Thames2 of 7
6872St Paul's School (Harker)J1615:30.2868St Paul's School3 of 10
6949Auriol Kensington (Whitehead)Op Inter 115:30.9469Auriol Kensington12 of 12
7028Westminster School 'White'J1815:31.2770Westminster School(time only)
7184LymingtonMasC15:32.11171Lymington3 of 7
7256City of Oxford CollegeW Champ15:32.82072City of Oxford College5 of 10
7362Oxford Brookes University (Willford-Dutton)W Champ15:35.62073Oxford Brookes University6 of 10
7497Vesta (Townsend)Op Inter 215:36.3574Vesta9 of 11
75179Headington School 'Row Farah'WJ1815:39.42575Headington School1 of 17WJ18
7668St Paul's School (Thorogood)J1615:40.3876St Paul's School4 of 10
77134University of Warwick (Eyton)Op Devel15:43.9677University of Warwick1 of 19Op Devel
78136City of Bristol (Bastian)Op Devel15:44.2678City of Bristol2 of 19
7965Oxford University Women BW Champ15:44.62079Oxford University Women7 of 10
8070Latymer Upper School (Christie-Miller)J1615:48.8880Latymer Upper School5 of 10
81175MarlowWJ1815:50.12581Marlow2 of 17
82118Tideway ScullersMasDE (MasE)15:51.11282Tideway ScullersSee Handicap Results
83132Cambridge University Women (Walker)W Inter 115:51.22283Cambridge University Women1 of 9W Inter 1
84421863J1815:51.4784186314 of 17
85110MoleseyW Senior15:53.32185Molesey2 of 11
8635St George's College 'Doucer'J1815:53.6786St George's College15 of 17
87133Oxford University Women's Lwt (Leckie)W Inter 115:58.52287Oxford University Women's Lwt2 of 9
8873Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1615:59.3888Reading Blue Coat School6 of 10
8963Vesta (Orrell)W Champ15:59.52089Vesta8 of 10
90141FurnivallOp Devel15:59.6690Furnivall3 of 19
91116Peterborough City / LincolnMasDE (MasD)16:00.81291Peterborough City / LincolnSee Handicap Results
92177HenleyWJ1816:00.92592Henley3 of 17
93117Upper ThamesMasDE (MasE)16:02.71293Upper ThamesSee Handicap Results
9498London COp Inter 216:03.1594London10 of 11
9599King's College LondonOp Inter 216:05.3595King's College London11 of 11
96105Imperial College 'W'W Senior16:05.72196Imperial College3 of 11
97113Nottingham (Beaumont)W Senior16:07.02197Nottingham4 of 11
9881Sons of the ThamesMasB16:08.41098Sons of the Thames3 of 3
99130Nottinghamshire CountyW Inter 116:08.72299Nottinghamshire County3 of 9
100126City of Oxford RC (Lefferts)W Inter 116:10.722100City of Oxford RC4 of 9
101147University of Bristol (Hayes)Op Devel16:11.06101University of Bristol4 of 19
102171Shiplake College (Byca)J1516:11.49102Shiplake College1 of 13J15
10371King's College School 'Blues'J1616:11.58103King's College School7 of 10
10431Shiplake College (Mulligan)J1816:11.67104Shiplake College16 of 17
105107Auriol Kensington (Smith)W Senior16:12.021105Auriol Kensington5 of 11
106150Fulham ReachOp Devel16:12.86106Fulham Reach5 of 19
10741Bedford Modern School 2J1816:13.87107Bedford Modern School17 of 17
108140Auriol Kensington (Burmester)Op Devel16:15.56108Auriol Kensington6 of 19
109181Latymer Upper SchoolWJ1816:16.225109Latymer Upper School4 of 17
11087London (Kennedy)MasC16:18.811110London4 of 7
111176Tideway ScullersWJ1816:20.325111Tideway Scullers5 of 17
112139London School of EconomicsOp Devel16:21.26112London School of Economics7 of 19
113114Oxford Brookes University (Goode)W Senior16:21.721113Oxford Brookes University6 of 11
114144Imperial Coll Sch of MedicineOp Devel16:22.66114Imperial Coll Sch of Medicine8 of 19
115162Shiplake College (Humphris)J1516:22.99115Shiplake College2 of 13
116163St George's College (Woods)J1516:23.59116St George's College3 of 13
117135Kingston (Morgan)Op Devel16:23.66117Kingston9 of 19
118106Marlow (Shaw)W Senior16:23.921118Marlow7 of 11
119187Headington School 'Usain Boat'WJ1816:25.425119Headington School6 of 17
120169Westminster SchoolJ1516:26.69120Westminster School4 of 13
121142Bristol ArielOp Devel16:27.26121Bristol Ariel10 of 19
122178Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Grind'WJ1816:29.025122Lady Eleanor Holles School7 of 17
123111HenleyW Senior16:30.321123Henley8 of 11
124129City of Bristol (Lawson)W Inter 116:30.422124City of Bristol5 of 9
125137London Otters (Hughes)Op Devel16:31.46125London Otters11 of 19
126108University of Bristol (Roe)W Senior16:31.821126University of Bristol9 of 11
12758LeaW Champ16:33.120127Lea9 of 10
128146Imperial College 'Nov M1'Op Devel16:34.76128Imperial College12 of 19
129194University of London CW Inter 216:34.923129University of London1 of 11W Inter 2
130119Thames Tradesmen'sMasDE (MasE)16:35.912130Thames Tradesmen's(time only)
131=184Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Steam'WJ1816:36.525131=Lady Eleanor Holles School8 of 17
131=138Oxford Academicals 'Red'Op Devel16:36.56131=Oxford Academicals13 of 19
133=234Oxford University Women's Lwt (Evans)W Devel16:37.124133=Oxford University Women's Lwt1 of 17W Devel
133=123ChristchurchMasDE (MasE)16:37.112133=ChristchurchSee Handicap Results
13564Mortlake Anglian & AlphaW Champ16:37.220135Mortlake Anglian & Alpha10 of 10
136180Surbiton High School 'Leonardo'WJ1816:38.125136Surbiton High School9 of 17
13778Emanuel SchoolJ1616:38.58137Emanuel School8 of 10
138121BroxbourneMasDE (MasE)16:39.312138BroxbourneSee Handicap Results
139120NottinghamMasDE (MasE)16:39.912139NottinghamSee Handicap Results
140761863J1616:40.5814018639 of 10
141112Barnes Bridge Ladies AW Senior16:43.821141Barnes Bridge Ladies10 of 11
142125City of Bristol (Erith)W Inter 116:47.922142City of Bristol6 of 9
14374Latymer Upper School (Rowland)J1616:49.48143Latymer Upper School10 of 10
14485KingstonMasC16:49.811144Kingston5 of 7
145161Latymer Upper School (Milburn)J1516:51.69145Latymer Upper School5 of 13
146151Imperial College 'Nov M2'Op Devel16:52.36146Imperial College14 of 19
147185Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1816:54.525147Godolphin & Latymer School10 of 17
148211Headington SchoolWJ1616:54.826148Headington School1 of 6WJ16
149156Tideway ScullersMasG16:55.115149Tideway Scullers1 of 5MasG
150207HenleyWJ1616:55.626150Henley2 of 6
151173St Paul's School (Russell)J1516:57.7 P9151St Paul's School6 of 13
152164King's College School 'Dumpty'J1516:58.69152King's College School7 of 13
153157WeybridgeMasG17:02.315153Weybridge2 of 5
154170King's College School 'Humpty'J1517:02.59154King's College School8 of 13
155=219Surbiton High School 'Donatello'WJ1517:02.827155=Surbiton High School1 of 10WJ15
155=109Vesta (Farquharson)W Senior17:02.821155=Vesta11 of 11
157124CurlewW Inter 117:03.322157Curlew7 of 9
158165Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ1517:04.89158Reading Blue Coat School9 of 13
159149Vesta (Lowe)Op Devel17:06.06159Vesta15 of 19
160159Mortlake Anglian & AlphaMasG17:06.615160Mortlake Anglian & Alpha3 of 5
16186ReadingMasC17:09.111161Reading6 of 7
162208MarlowWJ1617:09.826162Marlow3 of 6
163128LondonW Inter 117:10.122163London8 of 9
164189Barn Elms / King's College SchoolWJ1817:10.225164Barn Elms / King's College School11 of 17
165182Emanuel School (Evans)WJ1817:12.425165Emanuel School12 of 17
166183St Paul's Girls' School AWJ1817:13.325166St Paul's Girls' School13 of 17
167158Derby / Derwent / NottinghamMasG17:14.615167Derby / Derwent / Nottingham4 of 5
168218HenleyWJ1517:15.927168Henley2 of 10
169152University of Bristol (Brown)Op Devel17:16.56169University of Bristol16 of 19
170153Tideway ScullersMasF17:17.214170Tideway Scullers1 of 3MasF
171191Bedford Modern SchoolWJ1817:18.025171Bedford Modern School14 of 17
172193Maidstone InvictaW Inter 217:19.923172Maidstone Invicta2 of 11
173154ReadingMasF17:20.014173Reading2 of 3
174167Emanuel SchoolJ1517:23.79174Emanuel School10 of 13
175196Auriol Kensington (Hardwick)W Inter 217:29.023175Auriol Kensington3 of 11
176131KingstonW Inter 117:30.122176Kingston9 of 9
177=201Vesta (McDermott)W Inter 217:30.823177=Vesta(time only)
177=237University of Warwick (Waterstone)W Devel17:30.824177=University of Warwick2 of 17
179166St Paul's School (Stephenson)J1517:33.89179St Paul's School11 of 13
180127Thames (McQueen)W Inter 117:34.122180Thames(time only)
181210Surbiton High SchoolWJ1617:34.326181Surbiton High School4 of 6
182232BroxbourneWMasDE (WMasE)17:35.030182BroxbourneSee Handicap Results
183212Latymer Upper SchoolWJ1617:38.626183Latymer Upper School5 of 6
184=168Latymer Upper School (Lucas)J1517:38.79184=Latymer Upper School12 of 13
184=195Sons of the ThamesW Inter 217:38.723184=Sons of the Thames4= of 11
184=203City of Oxford RC (Mulligan-Smith)W Inter 217:38.723184=City of Oxford RC4= of 11
187155Putney TownMasF17:39.514187Putney Town3 of 3
188145London Otters (Davidson)Op Devel17:40.86188London Otters17 of 19
189238Nottingham Trent UniversityW Devel17:43.024189Nottingham Trent University3 of 17
190213Putney High SchoolWJ1617:44.126190Putney High School6 of 6
191230ChristchurchWMasDE (WMasD)17:48.030191ChristchurchSee Handicap Results
192227Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Red'WJ1517:48.227192Lady Eleanor Holles School3 of 10
193122Team KeaneMasDE (MasE)17:49.512193Team KeaneSee Handicap Results
194240Royal Free & Univ Coll Med SchW Devel17:53.924194Royal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch4 of 17
195=197StainesW Inter 217:58.823195=Staines6 of 11
195=235Imperial College 'Nov W1'W Devel17:58.824195=Imperial College5 of 17
197236Wolfson College Oxford 'Lupus non timet'W Devel17:59.524197Wolfson College Oxford6 of 17
198225Headington SchoolWJ1518:00.027198Headington School4 of 10
199143Oxford Academicals 'Black'Op Devel18:04.96199Oxford Academicals18 of 19
200231MAA / Kingston / BBLWMasDE (WMasE)18:05.430200MAA / Kingston / BBLSee Handicap Results
201247London School of EconomicsW Devel18:06.524201London School of Economics7 of 17
202200Barnes Bridge Ladies BW Inter 218:06.723202Barnes Bridge Ladies7 of 11
203242Royal Veterinary CollegeW Devel18:06.824203Royal Veterinary College8 of 17
204222Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ1518:08.227204Godolphin & Latymer School5 of 10
205188Reading Blue Coat SchoolWJ1818:09.425205Reading Blue Coat School15 of 17
206199Marlow (Pollecutt-Gray)W Inter 218:11.023206Marlow8 of 11
207204TwickenhamW Inter 218:11.723207Twickenham9 of 11
208239GlobeW Devel18:14.724208Globe9 of 17
20988Parr's PrioryMasC18:17.911209Parr's Priory7 of 7
210202FurnivallW Inter 218:23.223210Furnivall10 of 11
211224St Paul's Girls' SchoolWJ1518:23.427211St Paul's Girls' School6 of 10
212190Emanuel School (Thwaites)WJ1818:25.825212Emanuel School16 of 17
213241University of Bristol (Griffin)W Devel18:25.924213University of Bristol10 of 17
214205Wolfson College Oxford 'Canem Latrantem'W Inter 218:29.123214Wolfson College Oxford11 of 11
215192St Paul's Girls' School (Granholm)WJ1818:34.325215St Paul's Girls' School17 of 17
216228Surbiton High School 'Shredder'WJ1518:38.627216Surbiton High School7 of 10
217246Oriel College OxfordW Devel18:41.924217Oriel College Oxford(time only)
218226Putney High School 'P'WJ1518:42.627218Putney High School8 of 10
219229Team KeaneWMasDE (WMasD)18:43.530219Team KeaneSee Handicap Results
220233Auriol Kensington (Dix)W Devel18:50.824220Auriol Kensington11 of 17
221216Putney TownWMasBC (WMasC)19:01.729221Putney TownSee Handicap Results
222148Auriol Kensington (Kent)Op Devel19:02.36222Auriol Kensington19 of 19
223160Auriol KensingtonMasG19:06.015223Auriol Kensington5 of 5
224220Putney High School HWJ1519:10.127224Putney High School9 of 10
225249University of Bristol (Willett)W Devel19:12.224225University of Bristol12 of 17
226174St George's College (Reid)J1519:14.89226St George's College13 of 13
227244Barts & The LondonW Devel19:16.524227Barts & The London13 of 17
228223Surbiton High School 'Master Splinter'WJ1819:21.225228Surbiton High School(time only)
229250University of Warwick (Cheetham)W Devel19:25.924229University of Warwick14 of 17
230215Oxford AcademicalsWomen19:32.09999230Oxford Academicals(time only)
231243Furnivall / VestaW Devel19:36.424231Furnivall / Vesta15 of 17
232217ReadingWMasBC (WMasC)19:39.929232ReadingSee Handicap Results
233245Imperial Coll Sch of MedicineW Devel19:49.224233Imperial Coll Sch of Medicine16 of 17
234221Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Black'WJ1520:25.827234Lady Eleanor Holles School10 of 10
235248London OttersW Devel21:15.324235London Otters17 of 17
38Radley College (Pearson)J18Scr.7Z038Radley College 
40St George's College 'Zeal'J18DNS7Z040St George's College 
55Cambridge University Women (Sayre)W ChampScr.20Z055Cambridge University Women 
66Oxford Brookes University (Bloomer)W ChampScr.20Z066Oxford Brookes University 
69Radley CollegeJ16Scr.8Z069Radley College 
77Kew House SchoolJ16Scr.8Z077Kew House School 
91Quintin 2Op Inter 2DNF5Z091Quintin 
96Oxford Brookes University FOp Inter 2Scr.5Z096Oxford Brookes University 
102Wadham College OxfordOp Inter 2Scr.5Z102Wadham College Oxford 
172Latymer Upper School (Rees)J15Scr.9Z172Latymer Upper School 
186Surbiton High School 'Raphael'WJ18DNS25Z186Surbiton High School 
198Nottingham (Fielding)W Inter 2Scr.23Z198Nottingham 
206Wadham College OxfordW Inter 2Scr.23Z206Wadham College Oxford 
209Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ16Scr.26Z209Lady Eleanor Holles School 
214Emanuel SchoolWJ16Scr.26Z214Emanuel School 

Umpires' Decisions and Explanatory Notes

P against a crew denotes a time penalty has been applied.

(time only) in blue normally indicates ineligiblity for a pennant due to a change in category or a crew substitution greater than 50% after the start order was published.

Shiplake College were the winners of the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize for boys with an aggregate time of 45 min. 49.2 sec.

Henley Rowing Club were the winners of the Quintin Hogg Memorial Prize for girls with an aggregate time of 50 min. 12.4 sec.

Crew 14 - Quintin 1 Op Senior were penalised for paddling firm in the marshalling area.

Crew 20 - Kingston 2 Op Senior were penalised for baulking another crew.

Crew 82 - Upper Thames MasC were penalised for fouling another crew.

Crew 173 - St Paul's School (Russell) J15 were penalised for racing in the inshore zone.

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