Quintin Head 2020 Start Order (Version 3)

Hammersmith to Chiswick Staithe — Saturday, 25th January 2020 at 12:15 pm

Quintin Hogg (1845-1903) - our founder

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Bow No.



Boating Location



1Imperial College AOp ChampICImperial College1
2University of London AOp ChampULUniversity of London2
3Oxford Brookes University AOp ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University3
4St Paul's SchoolOp ChampSt Paul'sSt Paul's School4
5City of Oxford CollegeOp ChampBarn ElmsCity of Oxford College5
6Oxford Brookes University BOp ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University6
7King's College SchoolOp ChampKCSKing's College School7
8Kingston 1Op ChampKCSKingston8
9Oxford Brookes University COp ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University9
10Imperial College BOp ChampICImperial College10
11University of London BOp ChampULUniversity of London11
12Oxford Brookes University DOp ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University12
13Oxford University Lwt 1Op ChampQuintinOxford University Lwt13
14Quintin 1Op SeniorQuintinQuintin14
15Lea (Skinner)Op SeniorULLea15
16University of Bristol (Smith)Op SeniorQuintinUniversity of Bristol16
17IsisOp SeniorWestminsterIsis17
18Upper ThamesOp SeniorULUpper Thames18
19London AOp SeniorLondonLondon19
20Kingston 2Op SeniorKCSKingston20
21MoleseyOp SeniorPTRCMolesey21
22Oxford University Lwt 2Op SeniorQuintinOxford University Lwt22
23Westminster School 'Red'J18WestminsterWestminster School23
24Shiplake College (Boret)J18QuintinShiplake College24
25Radley College (Nielsen)J18St Paul'sRadley College25
26St Paul's SchoolJ18St Paul'sSt Paul's School26
27Latymer Upper SchoolJ18LatymerLatymer Upper School27
28Westminster School 'White'J18 (time only)WestminsterWestminster School28
29Shiplake College (Focosi)J18QuintinShiplake College29
30St George's College 'Politesse'J18TSSSt George's College30
31Shiplake College (Mulligan)J18QuintinShiplake College31
32St Edward's School (Byas)J18ICSt Edward's School32
33Hampton SchoolJ18TSSHampton School33
34Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ18EmanuelReading Blue Coat School34
35St George's College 'Doucer'J18TSSSt George's College35
36Bedford Modern School 1J18LondonBedford Modern School36
37St Edward's School (Drennan)J18ICSt Edward's School37
38Radley College (Pearson)J18 ScratchedSt Paul'sRadley College38
39Emanuel SchoolJ18EmanuelEmanuel School39
40St George's College 'Zeal'J18TSSSt George's College40
41Bedford Modern School 2J18LondonBedford Modern School41
43City of Bristol (Wadsworth)Op Inter 1CygnetCity of Bristol43
44University of London COp Inter 1ULUniversity of London44
45Marlow (Mitchell)Op Inter 1CygnetMarlow45
46London BOp Inter 1LondonLondon46
47Oxford Brookes University EOp Inter 1Barn ElmsOxford Brookes University47
48Vesta (Webb)Op Inter 1VestaVesta48
49Auriol Kensington (Whitehead)Op Inter 1AKAuriol Kensington49
50University of Warwick (Parr)Op Inter 1QuintinUniversity of Warwick50
51City of Bristol (Scrimshaw)Op Inter 1CygnetCity of Bristol51
52Putney TownOp Inter 1PTRCPutney Town52
53CurlewOp Inter 1PTRCCurlew53
54Vesta (Cazzoli)Op Inter 1VestaVesta54
55Cambridge University Women (Sayre)W Champ ScratchedThamesCambridge University Women55
56City of Oxford CollegeW ChampBarn ElmsCity of Oxford College56
57University of London AW ChampULUniversity of London57
58LeaW ChampULLea58
59Oxford Brookes University (Ferguson)W ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University59
60Cambridge University Women (Simkens)W ChampThamesCambridge University Women60
61Oxford University Women AW ChampICOxford University Women61
62Oxford Brookes University (Willford-Dutton)W ChampBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University62
63Vesta (Orrell)W ChampVestaVesta63
64Mortlake Anglian & AlphaW ChampMAABCMortlake Anglian & Alpha64
65Oxford University Women BW ChampICOxford University Women65
66Oxford Brookes University (Bloomer)W Champ ScratchedBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University66
67King's College School 'Reds'J16KCSKing's College School67
68St Paul's School (Thorogood)J16St Paul'sSt Paul's School68
69Radley CollegeJ16 ScratchedSt Paul'sRadley College69
70Latymer Upper School (Christie-Miller)J16LatymerLatymer Upper School70
71King's College School 'Blues'J16KCSKing's College School71
72St Paul's School (Harker)J16St Paul'sSt Paul's School72
73Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ16EmanuelReading Blue Coat School73
74Latymer Upper School (Rowland)J16LatymerLatymer Upper School74
75Shiplake CollegeJ16QuintinShiplake College75
77Kew House SchoolJ16 ScratchedQuintinKew House School77
78Emanuel SchoolJ16EmanuelEmanuel School78
81Sons of the ThamesMasBSonsSons of the Thames81
82Upper ThamesMasCULUpper Thames82
83London (Van Tiel)MasCLondonLondon83
87London (Kennedy)MasCLondonLondon87
88Parr's PrioryMasCBarn ElmsParr's Priory88
89HenleyOp Inter 2 (time only)Barn ElmsHenley89
90NottinghamOp Inter 2CygnetNottingham90
91Quintin 2Op Inter 2QuintinQuintin91
92Imperial College COp Inter 2ICImperial College92
93GrantaOp Inter 2LondonGranta93
94Marlow (McCoriston)Op Inter 2CygnetMarlow94
95University of Bristol (Jain)Op Inter 2QuintinUniversity of Bristol95
96Oxford Brookes University FOp Inter 2 ScratchedBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University96
97Vesta (Townsend)Op Inter 2VestaVesta97
98London COp Inter 2LondonLondon98
99King's College LondonOp Inter 2TSSKing's College London99
100Oriel College OxfordOp Inter 2VestaOriel College Oxford100
101Lea (Smith)Op Inter 2ULLea101
102Wadham College OxfordOp Inter 2 ScratchedMAABCWadham College Oxford102
103King's College CambridgeOp Inter 2PTRCKing's College Cambridge103
104University of London BW SeniorULUniversity of London104
105Imperial College 'W'W SeniorICImperial College105
106Marlow (Shaw)W SeniorCygnetMarlow106
107Auriol Kensington (Smith)W SeniorAKAuriol Kensington107
108University of Bristol (Roe)W SeniorQuintinUniversity of Bristol108
109Vesta (Farquharson)W SeniorVestaVesta109
110MoleseyW SeniorPTRCMolesey110
111HenleyW SeniorBarn ElmsHenley111
112Barnes Bridge Ladies AW SeniorCygnetBarnes Bridge Ladies112
113Nottingham (Beaumont)W SeniorCygnetNottingham113
114Oxford Brookes University (Goode)W SeniorBarn ElmsOxford Brookes University114
115Upper ThamesMasDE (MasD)ULUpper Thames115
116Peterborough City / LincolnMasDE (MasD)CygnetPeterborough City / Lincoln116
117Upper ThamesMasDE (MasE)ULUpper Thames117
118Tideway ScullersMasDE (MasE)TSSTideway Scullers118
119Thames Tradesmen'sMasDE (MasE (time only))TTRCThames Tradesmen's119
120NottinghamMasDE (MasE)CygnetNottingham120
121BroxbourneMasDE (MasE)CygnetBroxbourne121
122Team KeaneMasDE (MasE)ULTeam Keane122
123ChristchurchMasDE (MasE)TSSChristchurch123
124CurlewW Inter 1PTRCCurlew124
125City of Bristol (Erith)W Inter 1CygnetCity of Bristol125
126City of Oxford RC (Lefferts)W Inter 1CygnetCity of Oxford RC126
127Thames (McQueen)W Inter 1 (time only)ThamesThames127
128LondonW Inter 1LondonLondon128
129City of Bristol (Lawson)W Inter 1CygnetCity of Bristol129
130Nottinghamshire CountyW Inter 1QuintinNottinghamshire County130
131KingstonW Inter 1KCSKingston131
132Cambridge University Women (Walker)W Inter 1ThamesCambridge University Women132
133Oxford University Women's Lwt (Leckie)W Inter 1MAABCOxford University Women's Lwt133
134University of Warwick (Eyton)Op DevelQuintinUniversity of Warwick134
135Kingston (Morgan)Op DevelKCSKingston135
136City of Bristol (Bastian)Op DevelCygnetCity of Bristol136
137London Otters (Hughes)Op DevelPTRCLondon Otters137
138Oxford Academicals 'Red'Op DevelCygnetOxford Academicals138
139London School of EconomicsOp DevelULLondon School of Economics139
140Auriol Kensington (Burmester)Op DevelAKAuriol Kensington140
141FurnivallOp DevelFurnivallFurnivall141
142Bristol ArielOp DevelCygnetBristol Ariel142
143Oxford Academicals 'Black'Op DevelCygnetOxford Academicals143
144Imperial Coll Sch of MedicineOp DevelULImperial Coll Sch of Medicine144
145London Otters (Davidson)Op DevelPTRCLondon Otters145
146Imperial College 'Nov M1'Op DevelICImperial College146
147University of Bristol (Hayes)Op DevelQuintinUniversity of Bristol147
148Auriol Kensington (Kent)Op DevelAKAuriol Kensington148
149Vesta (Lowe)Op DevelVestaVesta149
150Fulham ReachOp DevelFulham ReachFulham Reach150
151Imperial College 'Nov M2'Op DevelICImperial College151
152University of Bristol (Brown)Op DevelQuintinUniversity of Bristol152
153Tideway ScullersMasFTSSTideway Scullers153
155Putney TownMasFPTRCPutney Town155
156Tideway ScullersMasGTSSTideway Scullers156
158Derby / Derwent / NottinghamMasGCygnetDerby / Derwent / Nottingham158
159Mortlake Anglian & AlphaMasGMAABCMortlake Anglian & Alpha159
160Auriol KensingtonMasGAKAuriol Kensington160
161Latymer Upper School (Milburn)J15LatymerLatymer Upper School161
162Shiplake College (Humphris)J15QuintinShiplake College162
163St George's College (Woods)J15TSSSt George's College163
164King's College School 'Dumpty'J15KCSKing's College School164
165Reading Blue Coat SchoolJ15EmanuelReading Blue Coat School165
166St Paul's School (Stephenson)J15St Paul'sSt Paul's School166
167Emanuel SchoolJ15EmanuelEmanuel School167
168Latymer Upper School (Lucas)J15LatymerLatymer Upper School168
169Westminster SchoolJ15WestminsterWestminster School169
170King's College School 'Humpty'J15KCSKing's College School170
171Shiplake College (Byca)J15QuintinShiplake College171
172Latymer Upper School (Rees)J15 ScratchedLatymerLatymer Upper School172
173St Paul's School (Russell)J15St Paul'sSt Paul's School173
174St George's College (Reid)J15TSSSt George's College174
176Tideway ScullersWJ18TSSTideway Scullers176
177HenleyWJ18Barn ElmsHenley177
178Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Grind'WJ18TSSLady Eleanor Holles School178
179Headington School 'Row Farah'WJ18ThamesHeadington School179
180Surbiton High School 'Leonardo'WJ18PHSSurbiton High School180
181Latymer Upper SchoolWJ18LatymerLatymer Upper School181
182Emanuel School (Evans)WJ18EmanuelEmanuel School182
183St Paul's Girls' School AWJ18TSSSt Paul's Girls' School183
184Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Steam'WJ18TSSLady Eleanor Holles School184
185Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ18KCSGodolphin & Latymer School185
186Surbiton High School 'Raphael'WJ18PHSSurbiton High School186
187Headington School 'Usain Boat'WJ18ThamesHeadington School187
188Reading Blue Coat SchoolWJ18EmanuelReading Blue Coat School188
189Barn Elms / King's College SchoolWJ18Barn ElmsBarn Elms / King's College School189
190Emanuel School (Thwaites)WJ18EmanuelEmanuel School190
191Bedford Modern SchoolWJ18LondonBedford Modern School191
192St Paul's Girls' School (Granholm)WJ18TSSSt Paul's Girls' School192
193Maidstone InvictaW Inter 2CygnetMaidstone Invicta193
194University of London CW Inter 2ULUniversity of London194
195Sons of the ThamesW Inter 2SonsSons of the Thames195
196Auriol Kensington (Hardwick)W Inter 2AKAuriol Kensington196
197StainesW Inter 2CygnetStaines197
198Nottingham (Fielding)W Inter 2 ScratchedCygnetNottingham198
199Marlow (Pollecutt-Gray)W Inter 2CygnetMarlow199
200Barnes Bridge Ladies BW Inter 2CygnetBarnes Bridge Ladies200
201Vesta (McDermott)W Inter 2 (time only)VestaVesta201
202FurnivallW Inter 2FurnivallFurnivall202
203City of Oxford RC (Mulligan-Smith)W Inter 2CygnetCity of Oxford RC203
204TwickenhamW Inter 2PTRCTwickenham204
205Wolfson College Oxford 'Canem Latrantem'W Inter 2CygnetWolfson College Oxford205
206Wadham College OxfordW Inter 2 ScratchedMAABCWadham College Oxford206
207HenleyWJ16Barn ElmsHenley207
209Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ16 ScratchedTSSLady Eleanor Holles School209
210Surbiton High SchoolWJ16PHSSurbiton High School210
211Headington SchoolWJ16ThamesHeadington School211
212Latymer Upper SchoolWJ16LatymerLatymer Upper School212
213Putney High SchoolWJ16PHSPutney High School213
214Emanuel SchoolWJ16 ScratchedEmanuelEmanuel School214
215Oxford AcademicalsWomen (time only)CygnetOxford Academicals215
216Putney TownWMasBC (WMasC)PTRCPutney Town216
217ReadingWMasBC (WMasC)CygnetReading217
218HenleyWJ15Barn ElmsHenley218
219Surbiton High School 'Donatello'WJ15PHSSurbiton High School219
220Putney High School HWJ15PHSPutney High School220
221Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Black'WJ15TSSLady Eleanor Holles School221
222Godolphin & Latymer SchoolWJ15KCSGodolphin & Latymer School222
223Surbiton High School 'Master Splinter'WJ18 (time only)PHSSurbiton High School223
224St Paul's Girls' SchoolWJ15TSSSt Paul's Girls' School224
225Headington SchoolWJ15ThamesHeadington School225
226Putney High School 'P'WJ15PHSPutney High School226
227Lady Eleanor Holles School 'Red'WJ15TSSLady Eleanor Holles School227
228Surbiton High School 'Shredder'WJ15PHSSurbiton High School228
229Team KeaneWMasDE (WMasD)ULTeam Keane229
230ChristchurchWMasDE (WMasD)TSSChristchurch230
231MAA / Kingston / BBLWMasDE (WMasE)MAABCMAA / Kingston / BBL231
232BroxbourneWMasDE (WMasE)CygnetBroxbourne232
233Auriol Kensington (Dix)W DevelAKAuriol Kensington233
234Oxford University Women's Lwt (Evans)W DevelMAABCOxford University Women's Lwt234
235Imperial College 'Nov W1'W DevelICImperial College235
236Wolfson College Oxford 'Lupus non timet'W DevelCygnetWolfson College Oxford236
237University of Warwick (Waterstone)W DevelQuintinUniversity of Warwick237
238Nottingham Trent UniversityW DevelCygnetNottingham Trent University238
239GlobeW DevelPTRCGlobe239
240Royal Free & Univ Coll Med SchW DevelULRoyal Free & Univ Coll Med Sch240
241University of Bristol (Griffin)W DevelQuintinUniversity of Bristol241
242Royal Veterinary CollegeW DevelULRoyal Veterinary College242
243Furnivall / VestaW DevelFurnivallFurnivall / Vesta243
244Barts & The LondonW DevelULBarts & The London244
245Imperial Coll Sch of MedicineW DevelULImperial Coll Sch of Medicine245
246Oriel College OxfordW Devel (time only)VestaOriel College Oxford246
247London School of EconomicsW DevelULLondon School of Economics247
248London OttersW DevelPTRCLondon Otters248
249University of Bristol (Willett)W DevelQuintinUniversity of Bristol249
250University of Warwick (Cheetham)W DevelQuintinUniversity of Warwick250

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Start Order Notes

Division 1, Crews 1-75 will marshal on Surrey, between Harrods Wharf & Beverley Brook.

Division 2, Crews 76-110 will marshal on Middlesex, downriver from Fulham FC.

Division 3, Crews 111-140 will marshal on Middlesex, between Crabtree Wharf & Fulham FC.

Division 4, Crews 141-215 will marshal on Surrey, between Chiswick Eyot & Hammersmith Bridge.

Division 5, Crews 216-250 will marshal on Surrey, upriver from Chiswick Eyot.

Version 2:

Crews 38, 55, 66, 69, 96, 172, 198, 214 have scratched.

Crews 119, 127 and 246 have replaced more than half their crews after close of entries and row for time only.

Crew 89 substitute takes CRI to more than 125% of the band limit and so crew rows for time only.

Crews 18, 33, 82, 84, 115, 117, 197 have changed their boating locations.

Version 3:

Crews 77, 102, 206, 209 have scratched.

Crews 28, 201 have replaced more than half their crews after close of entries and row for time only.

Due to an administrative error J16 crews 161 and 162 have changed numbers; 161 now Latymer Upper School (Milburn) and 162 Shiplake College (Humphris).

Crew 215 Oxford Academicals WMasB have had to make an underage substitution and are now categorised as Women (i.e. no banded category) and row for time only.

Crew 223 Surbiton High School WJ15 have made a WJ17 substitution and therefore row as WJ18 and for time only.

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